Pranati was looking at the window during a night. Reyansh came near her.

Reyansh : Pranati!!! What happened ? You haven’t slept yet.

Pranati : Reyansh though I came from my parents I really want to meet them .

Reyansh : Okay , I will take you tomorrow to both houses. Please relax. Everything will be fine.

Pranati : I hope so, Reyansh.

Omkara over hears their conversation. He thought ” I have to do something for my sister Pranati. If Pranati will be upset then it will affect my brother Reyansh too. But what ? ”

Omkara walks from there .

Pranati ; Dadi had her medicines ?

Reyansh : Don’t worry , she is taking rest.

Pranati : Now a days I am so stressed that I forgot who am I . I have to take care off Dadi. Let me see

Reyansh : Fine. I am also coming there.

Prayansh sees Baljeet writing a diary.

Pranati : Dadi you haven’t slept till ? But Reyansh told that …

Baljeet : Oh!! Tum log bhi naa, I was privately talking to my husband Gurmeet Ji .

Reyansh : What ?

Baljeet : Puthar you won’t understand. It’s a secret.

Reyansh : Is it ? What all things you have written in that diary ?

Baljeet : You naughty!! Don’t you feel shame to do this ? Kuch baatein aisi hein jise bata nahi sakti.

Pranati : How sweet!! Dadi, dadaji was so romantic, I guess.

Baljeet : Yeah beti. That times were unforgettable. We were living in joint families at village when our alliance got fixed. We used to meet secretly at terrace of my home during nights.

Reyansh : Dadi!!! So you was also a kind of Dayana only

Baljeet : Reyansh !! Those times we were not allowed to meet each other before marriage. Whenever I remember those moments it makes me to feel his presence everywhere. I had a habit of writing so many feelings in diary right from those days. Even today I does that and I know my GurmeetJi is watching this from sky secretely . He was my Prince Charming Lucca.

Meanwhile Omkara also arrives there.

Omkara : Really !! Dadi , now please  tell me also who is this Lucca ? I actually want to hear it .

Reyansh : It’s a fairy tale, bhai.

Omkara : Dadi please tell it again . Please dadi

Pranati : Even I read the book’s half part only. So I am also eager to hear it.

Baljeet : Okay so for you all I will tell it again right from beginning.

Reyansh : I know the whole story, but still I would love to hear it again.

Baljeet started narrating story. Meanwhile Omkara went to a fantasy world where he saw himself and Gauri as Prince and Princess . B He imagained himself as Lucca and Gauri as Dayana.

Lucca : You prohibhited me from giving more adorable kisses to you. But today I will do it as you are my real princess. And I can’t stop myself from kissing you.

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Dayana : Please hold yourself , Prince Lucca.  For now we will simply do a dance.

Lucca : Okay my Dashing Princess. But beware of me ,I will lock you in my arms and you won’t be able to break that.

Dayana smiled

Rikara had a romantic dance moment


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Pranati was also lost in story, she closed her eyes and watches a dream at which she find herself as Princess Dayana and Reyansh as Prince Lucca. She was lying on his lap

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Lucca : Dayana these endless nights are the remarkable moments of our life ,Dayana.

Dayana : Yes Lucca. I would love to cherish these moments with you.

Lucca smiled and turned his lips to kiss at Dayana’s forehead. Suddenly Pranati opened her eyes and looked Reyansh . Reyansh looked her and smiled. She realized that it was a dream only. Pranati also smiled . She turned her eyes down and felt an unknown kind of adoration for Reyansh. Pranati’s eyes turned like hide and seek game as if she wasn’t able to stop herself from staring Reyansh.

Reyansh also went on to his imaginary world .

Lucca : Why you have removed your crown Princess ?

Dayana : When my Heart’s prince is with me I am not the formal princess. I am just his girl only. I need his lap which is like a crown for me always.

Lucca : Dayana You looks so goregous today.

Dayana blushed in smile. Prayansh danced romantically on a tune.

Omkara was recording the whole story in his phone . When the story was finished Baljeet smiled and realized all three were lost in their own world .

Baljeet : So how was the love story ?

Omkara : Dadi this one is so beautiful. I could say true love never fails . Hey naa Reyansh ?

Reyansh ; Yeah bhai. And I know that bhai you are also waiting for Bhabhi’s arrival.

Omkara : What ?

Baljeet :Puthar don’t hide it. We have seen the water colour painting of that girl in your room.

Omkara :Oh!! So you both peeped in my room

Baljeet : You forgot that now Reyansh is also staying in your room.

Omkara : Reyansh!!

Reyansh : Bhai !!!! Nothing is hidden from each other. Let me tell you we will go and fix your alliance tomorrow itself.

Baljeet : Tu toh jaise mar raha hein, Reyansh. Don’t worry Your dayana will not go anywhere.

Pranati thought : Dayana will not go anywhere, That means Reyansh loves some one , but who ?

Next day At Gauri’s home 

A visitor came to meet Krish.

Yami Gautam +: 3 Episode 30 December 2009 - Yeh Pyar Na Hoga Kam Episode Pictures Part 2

“I am Spandana , Krish’s friend.”


Gauri : I see . Actually thing is now he is

Spandana : I know everything. Krish’s mom told me .

Gauri : You knows her too

Krish’s mom : Spandana beta

Spandana hugged her

Krish’s mom : Gauri actually we planned Krish’s wedding with Spandana only. But in between Krish started loving Rajni and we decided to get him married to her. Spandana used to love him right from college days. But she never expressed it . It was a one side love . Krish and Spandana were college mates and best friends too.

Spandana : Actually I was feeling much hard to attend marriage of Krish. So I made an excuse that I have some important work as part of my job. I came to know everything yesterday only. Hearing everything I wasn’t able to stop myself from coming here.

Gauri : Please don’t get me wrong are you still in love with Jeeju ?

Spandana : Yes Gauri . I won’t lie.

Krish’s mom : We can’t force you Gauri for getting married with Krish. As now Krish has started remembering Rajni he will remember everything. He will never see you at that place. In fact no one can take Rajni’s place. But I am hoping that may be in this second phase of life Krish would accept Spandana.

Gauri : But Jeeju haven’t recovered fully and what about Spandana’s life ? We have to think that one also .

Spandana : My love was untold embedded in my heart . But whenever I sees Krish’s smile I forget all pains and if he smiled whole heartedly and called me buddy again only that moment is required for me . I will stay with him till that moment .

Mahendra : Spandana , it’s your life . So think well.

Spandana : Love is not a thought uncle, it’s a feeling . I am not very practical to say that I have moved on because I madly loved only one man in my life and it’s Krish. An untold feeling of mine and I am happy that I am still single and quite proud to say that this feeling hasn’t went away from me .

Spandana goes to room and finds Krish lost in thoughts . Spandana requested Gauri to give dress of Rajni .

Gauri : You don’t know Spandana how will Jeeju react ? If he sees you in this one , anything can happen. So be careful.

Spandana went inside Krish’s room.

Spandana : Krish!!

Krish turned back and gets surprised

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Spandana : How are you Krish ?

Krish’s face became red in anger

Krish : How dare you wear this ? This pink salwar suit belongs to my Rajni only.

Spandana : Rajni!! Who is Rajni ?

Krish : Rajni…woh My my ….Kaha naa this is Rajni’s.

Spandana : Krish but I want to know who is she ? Where is she ? Where is Rajni ?

Krish shut his two ears with his hands

Krish screamed ; Rajni

Spandana : Krish

Krish : Just leave …..I said leave…..

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Spandana ; Why you are fond off with this dress ?

Krish : This was……I …..can’t remember ….My head is paining.

Spandana makes Krish to lie down at bed.

Spandana : Relax. Krish !! Please sleep well.

Spandana waves her hand in his forehead. Slowly Krish felt asleep. Spandana recalled her college days when Krish was so lively and cool .

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Spandana’s eyes went teary , a tear drop was fell down on Krish’s palm. Krish opened his eye and looked her .He felt like Rajni was sitting beside him .

Krish : You came back Rajni ? Where were you ?

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Krish : Promise me now you will never leave me .

Spandana’s eyes went teary while Krish was helding her hand

Krish hugged Spandana thinking it was Rajni only.


Krish held her hand

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Spandana : Promise I will never go from you.

Krish smiled and soon he fell asleep. Spandana realized that was just a moment which can never become real.

Spanadana thought : Krish I am ready to bear any pain for you. I will bring you back Krish ,That Krish whom I know whom every one knows . You will surely become alright Krish.

Gauri sees this and informs the same to Omkara through phone.

Omkara : Is it ? I just hope Krish should be fine and he should accept Spandana.

Gauri : We can’t say what is going on Jeeju’s mind, Omkara . Seeing Spandana I feels so sad. It’s been years she still loves Jeeju deeply.

Omkara : I think God has opened a new door . Whatever Krish bhai decides it’s upto him. But what we need is his speedy recovery. ‘

Gauri : Yeah Omkara.

Omkara : Gauri I will send you something. It’s a fairy tale , it’s a voice recording.

Gauri : Okay .

Omkara : So tell me what you felt after hearing it.

Gauri : Sure, Bye Omkara.

Omkara : Just bye !! I was expecting some

Gauri : I already told it you have to lock your lips and me too. That’s an agreement, don’t be restless to break it always

Omkara : Oh!! Madam !! I am not that so called guys who is desperate to have lovey dovey kiss from his lover .

Gauri : Really !!

Omakra : Now cut the call and sleep well. Good night.

Gauri smiled

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Gauri : I can see my angry babe’s face here  . It’s so cute!!!

Omkara :Are you keeping the phone or not ?

Gauri : Okay Omkara. Good night.

Next day at Oberoi House

Tej : Maa, how you came to know all the secret love stories of my children ?

Baljeet : Have you ever became their buddy ?

Tej : No

Baljeet : So do it . You will find all secrets.

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Tej : Nice !! Let me try it today itself.

Tej goes to Om’s room.

Omkara : Hi dad , is there any work ?

Tej : No actually I felt to see you both.

Reyansh : Why dad ?

Tej : Stop calling me dad.

Omkara : What ?

Tej : I mean to say dads are not always dads , they can be friends too.

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Reyansh : What exactly you want to say ?

Tej : Do one thing. For some time let’s imagine that we three are best buddies . So you should talk with me in that way only.

Omkara : Why dad ?

Tej : I told you I am your buddy . Hey dude , you won’t get it ?

Tej pat Omkara’s back. Reyansh laughed

Reyansh : Buddy can you please help me

Tej : Sure buddy I am coming.

Omkara : What’s wrong with dad ?And this Reyansh ?

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Reyansh : Buddy can you just iron my shirts ?

Tej : Me!!

Reyansh : Yeah . A friend in need is a friend indeed. So we will help each other.

Tej : Yeah buddy , I know it.

Tej started ironing shirts. Reyansh went near Omkara and whispered in his ear

Reyansh : You find it as weird , right ? Dad is trying to know about our secrets .

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Omkara : Is it ? So let’s play a game with our Big Buddy.

They both shared a Hi-fi.

Mean while Tej’s eyes found a greeting card .

Tej : What’s this buddy ?

Reyansh : I am finished.

Omkara : What ?

Reyansh ; Bhai roko, please.

Omkara : Big Buddy it’s personal. Give it to Reyansh

Tej : Ah!! Let me see it.

Reyansh rushed towards Tej. Tej started running here and there.

Omkara : Dad it’s nice to see you like these. Your belly fat will be reduced.

Tej : Shut up , It’s not belly fat, it’s called sweet belly . Jhanvi used to play with it still. She likes it very much.

Reyansh : Dad please you can tell your romantic saga later, please give me my card back.

Tej : Catch me if you can ,

Tej was running faster out of the room , Reyansh and Om started running behind him. Meanwhile at a corner Pranati was arriving . Tej slightly folded the tip of carpet and ran on another side . As soon as Pranati stepped into folded carpet her leg slipped and she was about to fell . But soon Reyansh saved her by helding her in his arms. Seeing them Om and Tej went to other side. Tej throw the card slowly beside them where Reyansh and Pranati was lost in an eyelock.

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Omkara was awestruck with the idea of Tej. He smiled and made a thumbs up before Tej.

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Tej looked him upwarding his eyebrows.

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Tej : As a buddy I can do these much to my buddies . Trust me I haven’t read the card. I respect my son’s privacy .

Omkara : Dad you are the best .

Meanwhile Jhanvi who was watching the whole scene came behind Om and Tej . She touched Tej’s shoulder .

Tej : Sh!!! See how our son is romancing.

Jhanvi : What about Om ?

Tej : Oh Teri !! I didn’t thought about it.

Jhanvi : You really think you are smart , hey naa Tej ? Now see what I can do ? Om

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Omkara : Yeah Mom!!

Jhanvi : Just look down through the side window, a surprise is awaiting for you . Just see

Omkara looks through the side window and gets surprised to see Gauri .

Ishqbaaz: Post Shivika, Gauri's Crush makes his blasting entry

Tej : Who is she ?

Jhanvi : Your Om’s honey . Now a days he is behind her like a bee.

Tej : Wow !! Jhanvi you are so advanced  , that’s so cool.

Omkara : Mom!!

Jhanvi : You think it’s hidden from your Mom. Come on buddy , I have made arrangements at the out house, I didn’t get enough time to make it big. Any ways let’s enjoy date with your sweet heart . So tell me who is best Mom or Dad ?

Omkara : You both are my Darlings .

Omkara hugged Tejvi.

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Tej : As for now your darling is waiting there. So go and enjoy with her.

Jhanvi ; Om go through the back door. Don’t go this way as your brother’s romance is also going on.

Omkara : Yeah Mom.

Tej : What kind of mom are you ? You are sending Om for date ?

Jhanvi : And you ? What was that ? Folding carpet’s edge and running like kids. If Pranati would have fall down literally then what will happen ?

Tej : I know it can never happen. Because my son will never let her to fell down. And don’t think that today you have won. Next time I will send both of them to entire romantic places for their dates. It’s my challenge.

Jhanvi : Will wait for it .

Baljeet : Mmmh…what’s going on here ?

Tej : Maa nothing….we were just discussing future plans

Baljeet : I see , I am watching how progressive is my son and my bahu.

Jhanvi : Thank you Maaji.

Baljeet : You think everything is fine , right .

Jhanvi : Maaji what we need to do ?

Baljeet : Arrey ek number ke buddhu ho tum log. When these two will have romantic dates we have to think about the next step.

Tej : What’s that ?

Baljeet : Lo , now I have to tell this one too.

Jhanvi : I got it. Maa is indicating marriage only.

Baljeet : Naa!! Not so fast. We have to meet Pranati’s parents. We will meet them without telling Pranati , Reyansh and Om.

Tej : But why ?

Baljeet : I had a plan and I am sure through this they both will unite together.

Jhanvi : Even Omkara’s love is not so easy going , there are problems. But I don’t know what it is .

Baljeet : First we have to sort out this one. So are you ready for the mission ?

Tej : Yes Maa.