Imlie 13th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Aryan Plans A Sting Opertion

Imlie 13th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Anu’s guards throw Imlie out of the house. Imlie notices Aryan standing, hugs him, and says Malini hasn’t changed a bit. Aryan says even she hasn’t changed; she has a trust that he will rescue her all the time; he respects one who fall themselves but not the one who are pushed down; she is not helpless. Imlie says Malini doesn’t love her baby and purposefully abandoned her baby to spy on her and Aryan, Malini hates her baby like she hates her. Aryan says there wouldn’t be any problem if there are no people like Malini, one who consider themselves as always right are very dangerous. Imlie says Malini told her baby was a means to get closer to Aditya.

Aryan says the cannot prove it in court and law doesn’t separate a baby from its mother unless it’s ill. An ambulance arrives. Attendant asks Malini not to worry as her baby will be fine. Malini gets angry and shouts if a villager will teach her morales, she asks Anu to call another ambulance. Attendant says she will not get an ambulance so soon, so she should let them take the baby to the hospital. Imlie silently takes the baby with her and leaves in Aryan’s car while Malini and Anu are busy scolding attendant. Malini doesn’t hear baby’s cry, checks ambulance, and realizes Imlie abducted her.

Imlie takes baby to the hospital and tells Aryan that Malini is using baby against them and purposefully sent baby to them

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