Imlie 1st August 2022 Written Episode Update: Aryan Takes A Stand On Cheeni’s Behalf

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Imlie 1st August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Cheeni finds Aryan having food at a dhaba and asks why didn’t he inform her before coming here. He offers her food and asks if the reporter came. Cheeni says reporter is waiting for him at her house. Aryan asks can’t she come here. Meethi starts praising Imlie’s qualities and says she learnt everything from the reporter. Aryan asks if the reporter is her mother. Cheeni says she is everything for her and continues praising Imlie. Aryan says lets go and meet her now. Imlie watches toy shop outside her house and thinks she should buy a toy for Cheeni. She checks her piggybank to buy a toy.

Malini tells Anu that she many times explained her that she is not interested in Aryan and still loves Aditya, says she will get Aryan married to any idiot and close the doors permanently for Imlie, be it Preeta or anyone else. Anu says she can think about it later, but how will she stop Aryan from meeting Imlie in Pagdandiya. Malini says Aryan is still in Pagdandiya because of a kid, she will get rid off the kid before she becomes a hurdle. Imlie breaks her piggybank and counts money, which she finds insuffient to buy a toy. She prays Seeta Maiya and asks how will she tell Cheeni that she doesn’t have enough money to either feed her or buy a toy. She feels disheartened and apologize Cheeni for not taking proper care of her.

Malini calls a job applicant Rajat and says he will get a job at Bhaskar Times if he clears her problem in Pagdandiya. He sends Cheeni’s pic to him. Rajat says her work will be done. Cheeni looks at a toy at a toy shop. A lady scolds shopkeeper for letting Cheeni touch a toy. Shopkeeper yells at Cheeni to not touch the toys and spoil them. Cheeni gives them both a befitting reply. She then notices Seeta maiya’s idol and tries to touch it. Shopkeeper stops her and warns not to touch it with her inauspicious hands. Imlie seeks salary from her boss. Boss says she has to deal with Aryan and send him back to the city if she wants her salary.

Shopkeeper pushes Cheeni away. Aryan holds her and asks shopkeeper if the shop belongs to him. Shopkeeper nods yes. Aryan picks a toy. Villagers ask him not to touch this toy as inauspicious and dirty Cheeni touched it. Aryan recalls Imlie’s ordeal. Aryan asks Cheeni which toy she wants. Cheeni says Seeta maiya. Shopkeeper refuses to sell it to Cheeni. Aryan tongue lashes him and villagers for being hypocrite and offers a money bundle to the shopkeeper.

Meethi offers money to Imlie and says all her mud toys were sold today. Imlie notices all her unsold toys and brings it to her. Cheeni gets teary eyed. Imlie says its Meethi’s savings and she should keep it for herself for her hay days. Meethi asks if she can seek money from her boss or arrange it from somewhere, but not her mother. She asks when she can send her money from city every month, why can’t she accept it. Imlie cries that she is 25 years old now and couldn’t do anything for Meethi or Cheeni. Shopkeeper gets greedy and hesitates to sell. Aryan offers him more bundles. Shopkeeper says he can take all the toys. Aryan says price is for the childhood and not toys and warns him thatif he misbehaves with Meethi or any other kids and will buy whole Pagdandiya and even its air. He then offers toys to kids and notices Cheeni already gone, thinks if he can help Cheeni in some way. Imlie heads to meet city man/Aryan.

Precap: Aryan tells Imlie that he will not go from there without taking her apology letter. Aryan refuses and challenges him.