Imlie 1st July 2022 Written Episode Update: Imlie’s Plan Backfires

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Imlie 1st July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Imlie tells Jyoti that she is Aryan’s bestfriend and what can be the best gift than a video message for Aryan. She plays video in a TV hoping to expose her, but stands shocked seeing Jyoti wishing happy birthday to Aryan. Aryan thanks Jyoti for the wishes. Jyoti recalls learning Kairi is Imlie and while removing the trap laid for Imlie noticing the hidden camera and changing the clip. Out of flashback, Jyoti thanks Imlie for relaying her video message to Aryan. Aryan thanks Jyoti again and asks everyone to go for the dinner while he and Imlie join them in some time. Imlie panics. Aryan tries to comfort her and asks if she wanted to show another video. Imlie says she is afraid seeing Jyoti’s wickedness and needs to stop her. She feels short of breath.

Aryan offers her water and asks her to stop all that. Imlie says she cannot let Jyoti come between them as only their baby can come between them. Aryan fails to calm her down and gives up. Jyoti hears their conversation and realizes that Aryan knows about her and Kairi, now she will stay permanently at Aryan’s house and kick Imlie out of the house.

Imlie while resting on bed recalls Jyoti’s taunts and Aryan forcing her to rest. She tells her baby that she can rest, but Jyoti’s evil brain will not. Jyoti calls Kairi. Imlie acts as Kairi, not knowing Jyoti knows Imlie is Kairi, and say she is on leave today. Jyoti asks her to meet her if she needs gold bangles. Kairi agrees and thinks she should get back on work. Jyoti thinks Imlie cannot escape from her magic. Arpita notices Kairi and asks if she is not on leave today. Kairi informs that Jyoti called her. She meets Jyoti who says she needs to talk when Nila stops her and asks her to clean the dust in the house. Kairi says she is busy, but Jyoti asks Kairi to obey Nila’s orders first.

Kairi helplessly starts cleaning the house. Arpita asks her to work on exposing Jyoti and let her do the cleaning. Kairi thanks her. Jyoti watches them and thinks she knows how to handle Imlie’s supporters. She locks Arpita in a room. Narmada helps Sundar prepare food for Imlie. Jyoti walks to them and asks Narmada to let Kairi take food for Imlie. Narmada says she needs to speak to Imlie, so she will take food for her. Sundar thinks how will she meet Imlie when she has become Kairi now, asks Narmada to relax and have food while he takes food for Imlie. He walks towards Imlie’s room to manage the situation.

Jyoti asks Kairi to bring Imlie to the temple where her aides will kidnap Imlie. Kairi thinks Jyoti will be exposed today. Jyoti thinks Kairi fell in her trap. Once she leaves, Kairi calls Aryan and asks him to return home soon. Aryan returns home and asks Imlie why she called him. Arpita and Sundar walk to them and inform that Jyoti locked them separately in washroom and store room. Aryan asks if they saw Jyoti doing that. Arpita says no, but when Imlie is saying Jyoti is behind her, he should believe Imlie like them. Aryan says he will not without proof. Imlie says she will go to temple to give him proof then. Aryan says he cannot let her go there. Imlie says its a question of her love and purity. He says she doesn’t have to give the proof of her love and purity and says he will not let her go alone. Sundar and Arpita say they will be with Imlie. Aryan orders Imlie not to get out of the room.

Precap: Masked goons attack Aryan and kidnap him while Imlie tries to rescue him. Malini returns to take revenge from Imlie.