Imlie 21st July 2022 Written Episode Update: Imlie’s Sting Operation

Imlie 21st July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Goon stops Imlie at gunpoint. Imlie beats goon. Goon asks who is she. Imlie reveals her true identity and trashes goons. Aryan is seen involving in a street fighting and bearing torture by his opponent. a man asks Aryan’s supporter that he bet on a wrong man. Supporter asks him to wait and watch. Opponent continues beating Aryan and asks why did he come here to die. Aryan says he had a friend ho used to accompany him everywhere, he didn’t want to meet her but now wants to meet her. Opponent punches him and asks who was that friend. Aryan knocks him down with 1 punch and says his friend is his death which didn’t meet him even today.

Imlie introduces herself independent journalist Imlie who held sting operation to expose their illegal liquor business. Goon breaks Imlie’s camera and says evidence is gone now. Imlie trashes goons again. They point guns at her. Imlie’s assistant little Cheeni plays police van siren and thinks Imlie should manage till real police comes. Goon sends his aide out to check. Aide notices a small girl playing fake siren. Police reaches there and arrests the goons. Village ladies thank and praise Imlie for getting their husbands out of the country liquor menace. Inspector also praises Imlie for her brave act and asks why don’t she go to a city and join a big new channel instead of being in Pagdandiya. Imlie says alcohol addiction ruins families and she wants to free Pagdandiya from this menace.

Inspector asks her to submit the proof in police station. Imlie says her camera is broken. Cheeni says only one camera is broken, she fixed cameras in Imlie’s lantern and walking stick which recorded the whole incident. Police leaves. Imlie and Cheeni rejoice their girl power and upload their report online via a mobile. They both then walk smiling holding each other’s hand. Aryan walks in street in rain saying he will return again to meet his friend.

Back home, Cheeni asks Imlie what will she do now as her camera is broken. Imlie says she will order a new camera from city. Cheeni asks why don’t she herself visit city where she gets everything. Imlie recalls her feud with Aryan and says even people are lost in the city. Cheeni asks what connection she has with the city that she doesn’t want to go there. Imlie thinks city rejected her relationships and even she is rejecting city now. Aryan returns home. Narmada asks why is he late again. Aryan says he got late at office. She forcefully looks at his injured face and asks how did he incur these injuries. Aryan says she should have slept by now. Narmada says she will first-aid him and then call doctor. Aryan says there is no need for that and walks to his room. Arpita joins her. They both feel concerned for Aryan and discuss that Aryan is punishing himself after Imlie left and they lost Aryan forever. Aryan self-nurses his wounds recalling Imlie accusing him.

Precap: Aryan burns his and Imlie’s pics and says one who burnt his dreams doesn’t value to him.