Imlie 28th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Aryan and Imlie Miss Seeing Each Other

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Imlie 28th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Imlie tells Cheeni that her hero did a big favor on her by saving Cheeni, so she wants to thank him. Cheeni takes her along to meet Aryan. Aryan feels emotional recalling Imlie, picks Imlie’s anklet from his wallet, and recalls their nok jhok when she finds her anklet in his wallet. They both share their feelings for each other and get romantic. Kesariya tera ishq hai piya.. song plays in the background. She says he can keep her anklet as her memory and she will keep his performed kerchief as his memory when he is not around. They both hug each other tightly.

Aryan thinks why he feels Imlie is around him. Imlie walks near door and feels Aryan’s presence around her. Aryan opens the door and gets Malini’s call just then. Imlie also busy chatting with the inspector doesn’t notice him. Aryan asks Malini why is she calling him repeatedly thrice in a day when she didn’t call him once in 5 years. Malini says there is a problem at Bhaskar Times. Aryan says she can handle it herself, he handles his problems permanently. Cheeni tells Imlie that he is her hero who saved her. Imlie asks her not to disturb him as he is on phone. Aryan walks into room. Imlie gets into room and not finding him asks Cheeni where is her hero. Cheeni says he comes and leaves with his wish.

Imlie thinks why she is remembering Aryan so much today, is it because she got a call form Bhaskar times, she knows Aryan will never support wrong. Cheeni asks what is she thinking. Imlie says she is thinking that Cheeni’s safety is important to her and when she cannot thank hero ji, she will thank Seeta maiya. Malini gets angry when Aryan ignores her. Anu asks why don’t she marry Aryan to garner Aryan’s attention. Malini says there are many ways to lure a man, when she can stoop low to separate herself from her baby to separate Aryan and Imlie, she can go to any extent to call back Aryan.

Narmada gets concerned watching news about people’s protest outside Bhaskar Times office. Arpita says she feels there will be a good news coming as Aryan has gone to Pagdandiya and Aryan may meet Imlie there. Narmada hopes so and prays Matarani. Imlie visits Seeta maiya’s temple and recalls the event when she returns to Pagdandiya with Cheeni and villagers humiliate her and refuse to let her enter the temple. Cheeni asks if she got into flashback again and asks why is she hesitating to meet her friend. She holds her hand and says let us go in. Villagers stop her again and warns her not to enter the temple. Cheeni warns them to dare not threaten Imlie or else she will pinch them. Villager gets angry and push Imlie down on the floor.

Aryan reaches news paper office and asks editor who dare to misbehave with him over phone. Editor tries to say that it was small girl, but Aryan without listening to him asks who is the reporter who reported against Bhaskar Times. Editor says Binni’s story is true and he will not reveal his independent reporter’s identity. Villagers try to expel Imlie and Cheeni out of temple. Cheeni starts her jokergiri and challenges to enter the temple this time at any cost.

Precap: Aryan tells Imlie that he will not go from there without taking her apology letter. Aryan refuses and challenges him.