Imlie 29th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Aryan Reaches Imlie’s House

Imlie 29th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Cheeni challenges villagers that she and Imlie will enter the temple at any cost. Villager tells Imlie that her daughter speaks more than her, when she couldn’t stop their age old customs, what will her little daughter do. He orders other villagers to kick them out. Imlie says they themselves will go away. Cheeni asks what is she saying. Imlie says god stays in her heart and asks villagers to get back to their work as she is not entering the temple. Cheeni gets sad. Imlie says Cheeni can go inside the temple though and pray her best friend/god and prasad. Cheeni says she will ask best friend to let Imlie meet her one day and enters temple.

News paper editor calls Imlie and informs her that someone from city has come who is threatening to shut their news paper and destroy them. Imlie says she is coming there and thinks she couldn’t support truth for herself, but can support truth for her duty and will see who wants to shut her news paper. She drops Cheeni home and asks her not to leave the house. Once she leaves, Cheeni walks out recalling she forgot to take prasad from the temple. Imlie’s slipper breaks when she reaches outside news paper office and gets busy fixing it. Aryan gets irritated, says one who cannot respect time cannot be a good journalist, he himself will find this journalist as there won’t be much journalists in Pagdandiya. He walks out not noticing Imlie sitting nearby.

Cheeni takes prasad from temple and thinks of sharing it with Imlie. She notices Aryan getting into his car and calls him. Aryan walks to her and asks what is she doing here and asks mother’s phone number to come and take her back home. Cheeni fears Imlie will scold her and asks him not to call his mother. She says she knows everyone in this village, so she is not lost. She offers prasad to him. He accepts it and asks if she knows eveyrone in Pagdandiya, she must be knowing a news paper journalist then. Cheeni says she knows her well and is going to meet her. He accompanies her to her house. Imlie enters office where the editor informs that the man already left and was saying Bhaskar Times incured huge losses because of Imlie’s article. Imlie feels Bhaskar Times shhouldn’t bear any losses because of her.

Anu arranges kitty party at Rathore House. Narmada asks Arpita why kitty party is arranged in their house when Aryan is not at home. Anu says she arranged kitty party here to make them feel relaxed as Malini told they are and Aryan in tension. Guest says Aryan is lucky to have Malini as his wife. Anu thinks Malini will become Aryan’s wife soon, she wanted to get this thought in Narmada’s mind. Arpita tells guest that Malini is Aryan’s business partner and not wife. Anu says they both look smart together, anyone can get confused. She gets Malini’s call, goes aside, and says they were talking about her just now. Malini reminds her to finish her task first. Anu mixes a drug in juice and serves it to Narmada forcefully. Narmada thanks her and takes a sip. Anu walks aside and informs Malini that her task is finished.

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