Imlie 29th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Jyoti Plans To Kill Imlie At Aryan’s Birthday Party

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Imlie 29th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Kairi/Imlie performs Seeta Maiya’s aarti and prays her that she wants to gift truth on Aryan’s birthday. She says what else can be the better gift that Aryan will learn that he is her baby’s father, she needs Seeta maiya’s help. Aryan searches for Imlie and asks Kairi if she saw her. Kairi says no. Aryan says don’t know where she is, she forgot his birthday. Kairi says she remembers. He asks what does she mean. Kairi says she means Imlie informed her about his birthday and starts flirting with him. He holds her hand asks her to stop it as he knows she is Imlie, he toleraed her fooling him and his family, but cannot tolerate her accusing his best friend of attempting to murder her.

Kairi realizes it’s her imagination. Aryan gets romantic with her. She nervously pushes him away and asks him to behave. He removes her fake teeth and says he identified her when she encouraged him and called him ABP. She says she is a master in disguise. He says she is not and failed. She requests him to support her in exposing Jyoti’s truth and promises that there wouldn’t be any misunderstanding between them again. Jyoti walk to Aryan, wishes him happy birthday, and asks if he saw Imlie. Kairi hides. Aryan says he didn’t see Imlie. Jyoti leaves. Aryan asks Imlie to do whatever she wants to and he will support her always. She thanks him and he hugs her. Nila watches them from the window, feels shocked, and thinks instead of falling for Gudiya, Aryan fell for another servant.

Kairi makes a call to Aryan and asks him to listen to her and Jyoti’s conversatoin carefully. She visits Jyoti and asks what should she do. Jyoti thinks both Harry and Kairi failed, so she herself will finish her task. She says she will cut the bhindi/lady fingers herself. Kairi says anther task. Jyoti says she will do her task herself and doesn’t need Kairi’s help. Kairi returns to Aryan sadly. Aryan says he heard them talking about cutting lady finger. Imlie says bindhi means Imlie and determines to expose Jyoti’s truth today. Aryan demands his birthday gift. She kisses him. Neela gets shocked seeing that again and shows it to Gudiya. Gudiya feels disheartened.

Arpita and Sundar make arrangments for Aryan’s birthday. Kairi returns from grocery shopping. Harry looks at Kairi and thinks Jyoti doesn’t know that Imlie is Kairi. Jyoti walks to him, taunts him that he is a burden on the world, and reveals her plan to kill Imlie at Aryan’s birthday party. Narmada asks servant to prepare kairi and imlie chutney as Aryan likes it. Harry points at Kairi. Kairi says looks like even Harry likes kairi and imlie chutney. A man brings Imlie’s parcel/birthday cake and asks who is Imlie. Kairi says its her, then realizing Jyoti’s presence acts and says when she is there, there is no need for Imlie. She receives cake parcel and tels Jyoti that Imlie makes her do all her chores. She keeps the parcel in a room and hides a camera to record Jyoti’s act. Once sh eleavs.

Jyoti enters and hangs a knife over a hidden pulley and thinks once Imlie picks the cake, she will be gone from the world. She tests it on a watermelon and leaves the room silenty. Camera records her act. In the evening, Aryan gets ready for his party. Imlie also gets ready and walks to him. Their romantic nok jhok starts. Imlie says if he finished joking, she wants to inform that she finished her preparation. Jyoti hears her and asks what kind of preparation. Imlie stands nervous.

Precap: Kairi dances with Aryan during the party and her fake teeth falls down. She searches it and someone picks it.