Imlie 30th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Cheeni’s Remedy Saves Narmada’s Life

Imlie 30th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Cheeni searches for food at her home to feed Aryan. Aryan suggests her to take money from his wallet and bring something to eat. Cheeni asks him to have half prasad laddu as she needs remaining half for someone else. Aryan asks her to free his hands to have laddu. She says he needs mouth to have laddu. He says she likes sweets, so her mother named her Cheeni. Cheeni asks if he has any friend whose is named after some stuff. Aryan recalls Imlie.

Narmada’s condition deteriorates after Anu poisons her. Malini reaches Rathore House and says she will call Aryan. Arpita says let it be as Aryan can’t do anything from Pagdandiya. She tells Sundar that they should take Narmada to a hospital. Malini says Aryan should know about it and calls Aryan. Aryan asks Cheeni to check who called him. She spells name. Aryan says let it be as he doesn’t want to talk to Malini. Cheeni instead of rejecting the call picks it. Malini sees her and recalls her baby girl. Cheeni calls her ma. Malini asks who is she and why is she carrying Aryan’s call, looks like a small girl stole Aryan’s phone. Cheeni warns her to mind her tongue. Malini says all Pagdandiay people are thieves.

Aryan speaks. Malini informs him that his mother’s health has deteriorated suddenly. Aryan gets worried and asks Cheeni to free him. Imlie reaches home and freezes thinking her daughter is with a city man and she is unable to face her past. Aryan panics and asks Arpita to take Narmada to hospital immediately. Cheeni asks everyone to keep quiet, rudely tells Malini that she doesn’t look intelligent and hence should give phone to someone intelligent. Arpita snatches phone from Malini. Cheeni asks her to take a deep breath and then feed neem leaves water to Narmada. Aryan asks cheeni if she knows what she is doing. Cheeni says she is confident. Namada’s condition normalizes and she asks Aryan not to worry about her. Arpita asks Aryan if he met Aryan. Aryan says he came her to confront a report who wrote a wrong article against Bhaskar Times and then will return back to Delhi.

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