Imlie 30th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Imlie’s Bigger Surprise For Jyoti

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Imlie 30th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Imlie tells Aryan that she made all the arrangements. Jyoti asks what kind of arrangements. Imlie says dance arrangement. Sundar says chipkali/Imlie should dance with Aryan. Narmada asks Aryan and Imlie to take care of each other. They both hug her smiling at each other and holding each other’s hands. Jyoti gets jealous seeing that. Gudiya also feels disheartened. Nila says she should be disheartened as Imlie would be shattered to learn that her brought Kairi took over her place. Jyoti hears their convention and thinks whatever Imlie does, nobody can save her.

Imlie and Aryan dance passionately on Pyar Ki EK Kahani Suno.. song. Everyone claps for them after their performance. Imlie insists Narmada, Sundar, and Arpita to dance with them. Jyoti searches for Kairi and asks Neela about Kairi. Neela taunts if she should keep a tab on the servant like her. Imlie hears Jyoti searching for Kairi, disguises herself as Kairi, and flirts with Aryan. Gudiya gets hiccups feeling jealous and says evens he wants to dance with Aryan.

Aryan dances with Kairi on Dhak Dhak Dhadke Ye Dil…song. Gudiya tries to dance with Aryan. Sundar and Arpita drag her away and dance with Aryan and Kairi. Narmada and Nila show their dance skills next. Kairi gets tensed realizing her fake tooth fell down wile dancing. She searches for it when Gudiya and Nila scold her for dancing with Aryan. She apologizes and starts searching for tooth again. Tooth falls near Harry’s wheelchair and he is about to crush it under the wheelchair when Ilie notices and tries to pick it. Aryan picks the tooth and asks her to be careful. She thanks him for saving her. He fixes her tooth.

Narmada calls Imlie. Kairi gets back in Imlie’s avatar and walks to Narmada. Narmada asks her to bring cake. Imlie tells Aryan that in some time, Jyoti’s truth will be exposed. Nila walks to her and yells at her to bring the cake as everyone are hungry. Imlie walks to her room. Aryan thinks if Imlie’s allegations against Jyoti are true. He recalls Imlie being attacked thrice and thinks he gets worried even if she goes away from him even for 5 minutes. Jyoti waits for Imlie to die. Imlie enters her room and screams. Jyoti gets happy while Aryan rushes to check onImlie. Imlie wishes him happy birthday and hugs him.

Sundar with others rush in and asks Imlie if she is fine. She says yes and shows whole family’s throwback photos with Aryan fixed on a wall. Gudiya feels happy seeing her photo and says she was cute since her childhood. Imlie tells Aryan that nobody could follow the relationships like him and praises that he respects all the relationships and protects them. She describes Aryan’s relationship with his each family member and friends. At last, she tells Jyoti that Jyoti is Aryan’s oldest friend, she has Jyoti’s video which she will show it it Aryan as a gift. Jyoti starts nervous. Imlie takes out chip from the camera and fixes it in a TV.

Precap: Masked goons attack Aryan and kidnap him while Imlie tries to rescue him.