Imlie 9th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Baby Girl Gudiya is Abducted

Imlie 9th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

A few women posing as NGO workers from Ati Girl’s Foundation visit Rathore House. Neela recalls hiring goons to take baby girl Gudiya from there. Arpita tells women that if they need donation, they should visit Arvind Foundation. Women say they learnt that they picked an abandoned girl and brought her home without performing any legal formalities. Sundar says Imlie and Aryan brought the baby home. Sundar and Arpita go in search of Imlie while Imklie lies unconscious inside kitchen cabinet. Narmada pleads women to let her speak to her son. Neela insists her to let them take the baby. Women forcefully take the baby and drive car away. Neela grins.

Imlie wakes up hearing baby’s cry and recalls a sedative was mixed in baby’s milk. She walks out. Neela asks Narmada why is she crying when a stranger baby is taken away. Imlie hears that and asks who is taken away. Arpita says they were searching for her in the whole house and informs that some Adi Girl Foundationn NGO. Imlie googles and says there is no NGO by that name, it means her gudiya is in wrong hands. She calls Aryan and runs towards door when Aryan returns home. She asks him to accompany her and getting into car informs him that a few women posing as a NGO workers abducted gudiya. She gets a call from her PI who informs that a child kidnapping gang runs their operation from its Rakesh Nagar’s hideout. He sends her the address. She heads towards the gang’s den.

Neela telsl Gudiya that she will not spare anyone who eyes on Rathore family wealth and will kick them out like she kicked out guidya today. Malini calls on landline posing as district health inspector and says she learnt that a baby was left outside their house. Neela gets tensed that now even police is behind an orphan baby. Malini asks if the baby is fine. Neela nervously says baby is safe at Rathore house and is not being kidnapped. Malini this her words and nervousness don’t match and asks her to let her speak to Imlie. Neela says Ijlie and baby are both out of house and she will let her speak to Imlie once Imlie returns. Malini informs Anu that the baby is missing and Imlie is searching for her.

Imlie reaches child kidnapper’s den and tells Aryan that she heard kdinappers sell the babies. Aryan says let us go inside first. Malini tells Anu that Imlie is easily predictable, she gets attached to anyone easily and now has gone in search of the baby. Anu asks what is problem in it. Malini says her 3-month-old baby will pose a big problem for Imlie, Anu should just wait and watch. Aryan and Imlie people into the house via window and find many babies crying with the gang members busy over their mobile. Aryan says its a sound proof glass and hence babies’ crying sound is not coming out. Imlie saks him to take her for shopping.

Arpita gets angry on Neela because of whom gudiya is kidnapped. Sundar tries to calm her down. Narmada asks why are they fighting. Neela says now Arpita realized that poor Sundar is a wrong choice for her. Arpita says she is right that poor thinking people are always wrong. She hands over Neela and Preeta’s travel ticket and says she will drop them to the railway station. Imlie disguises herself as an old woman officer and Arya her assistant.
Neela starts her emotional drama and sys she was worried for Imlie as Imlie is pregnant and cannot handle another baby in that condition. Arpita continues to vent out her anger on Neela and walks to her room fuming. Imlie and Aryan reach kdinappers’ den. Guard confuse them as officers who came for inspection and lets them in. Imlie gets emotional seeing gudiya.

Precap: Imlie hides with the baby from the goons and decides to fight with the goons.