Johnny Depp fan dresses as Amber Heard’s Mera with poop head, netizens flood Twitter with #boycottaquaman2 posts! | Movies News

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s defamation case made many headlines over time. The duo still continues to battle their legal war. The verdict was pronounced in July and both parties were ordered to pay damages with respect to their wrongdoings.

Overall, it was Johnny Depp who won the case and is set to receive a total of $10.35 million from his ex-wife. But they’ve both appealed the verdicts that were not in favour of them.

Johnny faced a lot of losses after he was accused of domestic violence, he faced a lot. The ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ franchise, which was led by him, is now being made with Margot Robbie in lead. On the other hand, he was ousted from ‘Fantastic Beasts’ and currently has no work on the acting front.

Johnny’s fans are super upset with the fact that Amber Heard is still a part of ‘Aquaman 2’ and have filled Twitter with #boycottaquaman2 posts. Netizens have been signing a petition which has already crossed 4.6 million signatures but no action has been taken by the DC officials.




Recently, at the San Diago Comic-Con, Depp’s fan dressed as Amber Heard’s Aquaman character. He can be seen wearing a green shimmery outfit and donned red hair. What remained unusual was the poop hat after the faeces incident that was revealed during the defamation trial.

He even held a placard in his hand protesting against Amber Heard in Aquaman 2. The pictures are viral all over social media and Johnny Depp fans are standing in his support.