Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 11th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Pradyush clears the misunderstanding

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 11th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

The Episode starts with Chandru saying we won’t force you to change your decision, please come out. Goli cries. Chandru says Goli isn’t listening. Pradyush comes. Akriti asks why did you come, we have no place for a man who cheats a woman. He asks why are you saying so, what happened. She scolds him. She says you left Goli for your benefit, and now you came back when you need her, you think she will forgive you. He says its her wish to forgive me or not, its my right to apologize, you all don’t know the truth, let me talk to Goli once and tell her the truth, then you can punish me. Chandru says she isn’t talking to us also. Pradyush says let me try once, I m sure that she will open the door. Charu says fine, you can try and see. He asks Pradyush to go. Pradyush thanks him. He goes and knocks the door. He says its me, Pradyush, I came to talk to you, come out, if you don’t come out then I will think that you don’t want to see my face. She opens the door and says you are right, your face reminds me the cheat. He says I was helpless. She asks him to leave.

She asks why did you come after 15 years, you didn’t remember me, you ruined my life, why are you ruining your wife and daughter’s lives now. He says its not the truth that you know, I didn’t marry anyone in the US. Goli and everyone get shocked. She says this is a lie. He says you won’t believe it now, its not your mistake, you didn’t know the truth and I never told you, I had no courage to come to you, how could I come and apologize, I have come with much courage today, you can punish me.

Anu and Gungun come to the birthday party. Everyone claps for them. He meets the guests. Anu goes to cut the cake. He gets Prakash and his family there. He cuts the cake and feeds it to Gungun. A waiter gets a drink for Anu. Goon calls Gaikwad and says Anu will be dying soon. Gaikwad says bravo, leave from there soon, don’t worry about the cctv, my special team will handle it. Anu takes the juice drink. Prakash asks Anu to come fast for the pic. Anu gets his pic clicked. He thanks Ravi for helping Gungun. Ravi says we are lucky to do something for you. Anu gives the juice drink to Ravi. He goes to attend a call. Ravi drinks the juice. He falls down. Everyone rushes to him.

Akriti says you think we will believe your lie. She asks Goli not to believe Pradyush. He says you don’t even know my full name and made an opinion on me, I want to know from Goli if she thinks the same. Goli says I m sure that you are lying to me, you have a wife and a daughter, I have a proof. She shows the pic.

She says I know you well. He says if I say that this woman is my friend’s wife, and this girl is his daughter, then… Goli asks who did you marry. He says no one, I broke all your promises, but I didn’t promise one thing, I promised you that I will never lie to you, I have said the truth. She says but I heard about your wife. He says my friend died of cancer, he made me promise that I take care of his wife and daughter, his wife was undergoing mental stress, so I had to take their responsibility, I couldn’t break the promise to my friend, the kid was 3 years old when her dad passed away, I adopted her legally, I love her as my daughter. She asks why didn’t you marry that kid’s mum. He says I love you, how could I marry someone else, my daughter showed me this path to come here, she is 18 years old now, she knows everything about me, she gave me courage to come here, I have always loved you, so I came back to you. She asks why now. He says I wanted to come back before, but I had no courage, I stayed stuck in my friend’s family responsibility, maybe you wouldn’t believe me that time, my friend’s wife got fine now, she got married, I thought you will trust me now. He shows the pic. He says I m saying the truth. Anu asks Ravi to open his eyes. Ravi is poisoned. The girl says he drank the juice and fell down. Anu says I gave the drink to him, which that waiter gave to me. commissioner calls the waiters. He asks who gave the drink. Waiter says other waiter gave it to me, I saw him for the first time. Commissioner says find that waiter, I have to check the cctv footage. Ranvijay asks why didn’t Anu die. Gaikwad says Anu will be dying, don’t worry, get ready, you have to change the location. Anu says I can’t forgive myself if anything happens to Ravi. Gunjan says you didn’t know it. Anu says people will think I poisoned him. Commissioner says no, you can’t do this, we didn’t get the cctv footage, don’t worry, we will find the criminal. Chandru asks shall we believe you or those people who told about your marriage. Pradyush says I m saying the truth. Sharu asks can you swear on your daughter and say that you aren’t married.
Anu asks about Ravi. He says its my mistake to give that juice to Ravi. Commissioner says waiter said that juice was sent for you. Gunjan says it means that man wanted to kill Anu.