Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 22nd July 2022 Written Episode Update: Golu defends Gungun

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 22nd July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

The Episode starts with pandit asking Charu to get the puja items. Golu and Yug leave. Yug asks shall we call Gungun, we should go and meet her. Golu says she did all the rasams, I m sure that she will keep puja for Anu. Yug says it would have been good if she was here with the family, we aren’t with her in sorrow. Golu says we will go and buy these items, then meet Gungun. Gungun’s photoshoot is done. She goes to change. They praise Armaan’s magic that gave her confidence. Armaan says I will drop you. She says no thanks, I have a car, driver uncle is there. He says ask him to follow us, you can talk to me. He tells about his lawyer friend Naman. He says we will win the case and then file a mental assault case on them. She asks why are you doing this for me. He says I don’t like this, you are framed in a false case, you can think its my sympathy, I m not showing pity, you aren’t weak, you don’t need to go to the court, you just think of joining Jeet Network, I feel girls have more courage than us, my mum also had courage, this will keep you alive inside. She asks what happened to your GF. He says cancer. She asks did you know, you were marrying her even then. He says I wanted to give her lots of happiness in her life but I didn’t know she will die so soon, I loved her a lot, she also loved me much.

Golu and Yug come to meet Gungun. Golu rings the bell. They see Armaan dropping Gungun home. She asks him to come in. He says not today, some other day. She says thanks for giving me company. He asks her to take care. Golu says we were ringing the bell. She says I had gone for photoshoot and interview. Yug asks who is that guy. Gungun says he is the owner of Jeet network, he came to drop me. Yug says how is this guy. She says nice, he looks arrogant, but he is good at heart, come in. Golu says we got satisfied seeing you okay. She says I m really feeling better. Yug asks because of Armaan? She says yes, he said few things that helped me in forgetting my sorrow, have tea, come. Golu says no, we have to take puja items home. Yug says we have much work at home. Golu asks her to take care. They leave. Gungun says I feel light for the first time, I realized I was trying to forget you, when I can never forget you.

Gungun keeps a puja for Anu. Armaan comes home. He also joins. Yug says I didn’t like Gungun coming with Armaan. Golu asks what’s wrong. Khushi says its not right. Ankit says she has moved on. Yug says Gungun has moved on, Akriti is ready to be Anu’s widow when Anu didn’t even accept her. Golu says no, don’t misunderstand Gungun, don’t judge anyone so soon. Gungun prays for Anu. Armaan says I will go if you are getting disturbed. Garima says its fine, Anu’s family didn’t invite her, so Gungun kept this puja, she has got all alone. He says you can call me if you need help. Gungun says no thanks. She thinks of Anu and cries. She imagines Anu. She cries and asks for whom shall I live. He says for yourself, have water, don’t cry. She sees Armaan. He asks are you okay. She nods.

The ladies gossip. Golu gets angry and defends Gungun. He says I can’t hear this that Gungun killed Anu. Akriti asks for how long will you fight the family for her sake, truth is that, Gungun got him killed. He calls her mad. He asks her to file a case, let the court decide about Gungun.

Armaan says we will start women special episode on the channel, will you support me in my dream project. He gets a call and says Ranvijay got caught.