Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 23rd July 2022 Written Episode Update: Anu is alive

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 23rd July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

The Episode starts with Goli asking Golu and Akriti to stop arguing. Everyone cries for Anu. Sunanda cries and asks Anu to come back. Lukka chupi….plays… Gaikwad sees the police coming and runs away. The police breaks the door and gets inside. Ranvijay gets shocked. Commissioner says your game is over. Gaikwad comes there and says congrats, you got Ranvijay. Commissioner asks how did you come here, it was our secret mission. Gaikwad says I came following you. Armaan asks are you coming to jeet network. Gungun nods. He says I need a determined person like you, I was thinking to start a women special episode on channel, will you support me in my dream project. Gungun nods.

Mithilesh asks how did Ranvijay get caught. His wife Poonam asks him to save Ranvijay. He says I don’t know I can save him from jail or not, but I will send Gungun to jail. Garima asks Armaan to have lunch. He says some other day. He gets a call. She insists him to have food. He says Ranvijay is caught. Garima says thank God. He says media people get such info first. Garima says Mithilesh was trying to send Gungun to jail, now his son is going to jail, Anu’s soul will get peace.

Armaan talks to the staff. Gungun comes. Armaan introduces his team. He asks how are you feeling office. She says your office is good. He says I can say what you are thinking, you didn’t like my office, right. She says I don’t like anything these days, but I guess, I will like it here, why are you doing this, when I had misbehaved with you.

She jokes on his looks. They laugh. She says I wish I met you before, Anu would have been alive. He says maybe you find Anu in someone. She says impossible, I m not finding anyone. He says we will talk about work, its your first day, go to the fishermen’s locality and talk to the women, find a face, do the photography and present the articles to the creative head. She says I didn’t go there ever. He says it will be a life changing experience, you can do anything, go and get a good story of women inspiration, photographer will go with you. She asks for her cubicle. He shows her cabin. He goes for his meeting.

The staff sees Gungun and talk about Armaan giving her a special treatment. Charu says life doesn’t stop for anyone, we will think of Goli and Pradyush’s marriage. Goli says I can’t think of marriage. Chandru says we have to move on. Pradyush asks how can we think of marriage. Chandru asks them not to delay more. Goli and Pradyush refuse. Golu says Charu is right, Goli should marry Pradyush, but we all can’t be totally happy, they should marry in the court. Charu says not that way. Goli cries for Anu. Charu says the delay will be inauspicious. Goli leaves. The ladies ask for Madhav. The man says the one whom we found at the seaside. Gungun comes to the fishermen locality. She says we have come for an interview. The man says we are finding a brave woman. Gungun says someone who has done an amazing thing, that can inspire people. The lady says there is someone, but we can’t take you here, we have to find Madhav. Gungun asks if we help you in finding Madhav, then will take us to that woman’s house. They agree.

They see Madhav playing. Gungun gets a call and says I will get my purse from the café. The man says I will take that lady’s interview. The lady says we got him at the seaside, he doesn’t remember his name, so we named him Madhav, where did that madam go. The man asks who, Gungun. Anu/Madhav hears this and turns.

Charu tells the mahurat for Goli’s marriage. Goli marries Pradyush. Armaan surprises Gungun.