Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 27th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Gungun and Anubhav receive the award

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Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 27th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

The Episode starts with the dean asking will you attend the function this way with an upset face. He says Ranvijay kidnapped me and handed me over to the terrorists, he got saved by his dad’s contacts, Gungun might know this, even then she is marrying him. Dean asks him to stop her. He says she took the decision herself, its no use now, she won’t listen to anyone. Gungun stumbles on the stairs. Anu holds her in arms.

Ranvijay gets angry on Anu. They argue. Dean says Anu didn’t want to come, I got him, I know it now, why he didn’t want to come. She asks Anu to come, he has earned a lot of respect, its not less than any award. Ranvijay says dean scolded you, you should have answers. Gungun asks him to mind his own business. Golu, Ankit and Yug come to the ward function. They congratulate Gungun. She asks Ranvijay to click her pics when he goes on stage to get the award. She gets rude towards Golu. Ranvijay argues with them. Ankit says we will go and sit there. They see Anu there. They see the family coming. Akriti asks how did you like our surprise. She sits with Anu and smiles. Gungun recalls Charu’s words. She thinks I m ready to become bad in your eyes to unite you with your family. The man announces the award for Riddhima Kulshresht, wife of Anubhav Kulshresht. He shows Gungun’s journey on the big screen. He tells how Gungun has fought for Anu’s release. Anu recalls whatever happened and cries seeing Gungun. Chandru says they are just praising Gungun. The man praises Anu who didn’t give up and fought for the country. Everyone claps for Gungun and Anu. They are called on the stage to receive the award.

Charu asks Anu to go on stage and explain that Akriti is his wife, not Gungun. Anu and Gungun come on stage. The man asks Anu to make his wife wear the medal and pay the honor. Anu takes the media to Gungun. He makes Gungun wear the medal. Everyone claps. Akriti gets angry on Gungun. Anu gives the award to Gungun. The man requests Gungun to make Anu wear the medal and pay him the honor. Anu says you have some misunderstanding. Gungun also makes Anu wear the medal. She gives him the award. Gungun goes to speak a few words. She says I want to clear the misunderstanding, I m not Anubhav’s wife, I had to lie, the truth is someone else is his wife. Ranvijay smiles. Everyone looks on. Charu thinks great, amazing Gungun.

Anu calls Gungun and asks her to meet him for the last time. They meet at the café. Akriti sees them and shouts Anubhav.