Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 4th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Gungun accompanies Anu to Mumbai

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 4th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

The Episode starts with Anu and Akriti arguing. He says I met Gungun to tell something imp. Charu asks what is it. Anu says I can’t say it. Charu calls him stubborn and shameless. Anu says fine, I will leave from here. Sargam asks why don’t you understand what Charu is explaining. Anu says I will go to Mumbai. Golu says I will also go. Charu asks Akriti to go along. She says I won’t get leave, I can’t go, I don’t want to go, he always chants Gungun’s name. Anu says I would have not taken you, I was tortured there, I don’t want anyone to go through that, I will take Gungun’s help to nab the criminals. Charu asks will you leave today or tomorrow. Golu says tomorrow. Anu says I will put a leave.

Ranvijay’s parents call Gaikwad and request him to save their son. Gaikwad says police is coming to arrest Ranvijay, just money is the solution, I can’t give a word. Ranvijay takes the call and asks his parents to go. He asks Gaikwad to bring him out of this mess. Gaikwad says its tough, why shall I take this big risk. Ranvijay says for money, tell me, how much money will you take. Gaikwad asks him to come to Mumbai. Ranvijay says if I come and someone knows then… Gaikwad says yes, there is risk. Ranvijay asks him to not think of his profit. He says I have a plan, if we kill Anu, then. Gaikwad laughs. Ranvijay says I m not joking, Gungun’s life is in Anu, if Anu dies, then she will die. Gaikwad asks why shall I do this sin. Ranvijay says for more money, case will get shut if victim and witness die. Gaikwad says fine, hide somewhere, police shouldn’t reach you. Ranvijay says thanks, make a plan to kill Anu, invite me, I want to see him dying. He smiles.

Anu is on the way with Golu and Ankit. Golu asks Anu to call Gungun. Anu asks why, we always call her when we need her, police called me alone. Golu insists. Anu calls Gungun and says Mumbai police called me to reopen the case. Gungun says thanks, you should have told me before. He says I don’t want you to get dragged into the case. She says I will stay in some other hotel, I m also coming to Mumbai. Anu nods to Golu.

She calls Garima and asks for her travel bag. She says I m going to Mumbai, Anu’s case reopened, and police called him there, I should also go. Garima says Anu will be with you, so I won’t worry. Gungun says Akriti will doubt again. Garima asks her not to worry. Gungun leaves for airport.

Gungun reaches Mumbai. She meets the commissioner. He says I didn’t expect you here. She says I had to come, you reopened the case on my saying, get justice for the victim. He says don’t worry, Anu will get justice, I asked Anu to come here, don’t you know. She says I was busy, I couldn’t talk to him. Anu comes and gets seated. Commissioner says we were just talking about you, you have a long life. Anu says I just want to live well than living 100 years. Commissioner says we want your statement. Anu says sorry to go to Lucknow without giving a statement, this time, I will give the statement and help you in catching the criminal. He tells everything.

Akriti comes home. She asks Shankar where is Garima. She says Garima is just Gungun’s mum, Gungun isn’t at home, I want to know where did she go, Anu has gone to Mumbai. Shankar says maybe Garima has gone to temple. Akriti says she might have got hidden somewhere. He says I will oust her if she has done this. Akriti says if Gungun went with Anu, then she has to pay a big price this time.

Anu and Gungun come out. Golu says we knew it, you will come to help Anu. Gungun says don’t thank me, sorry I spoke rudely that day. Golu says we have forgotten it knowing you are helpless. Ankit says we knew it’s a drama. Golu says Anu came back because of you, today he will get justice because of you, thanks. She asks him not to thank. Golu says stay with us. She says sorry, I already told my brother. Prakash says when I got to know that she is marrying someone else, I got angry, I respect her more after knowing the truth. Ankit says we want Golu to stay with us. Golu asks Gungun to stay in the same hotel. Prakash says fine then, I will go. Gungun says I don’t want to stay with them. Golu says fine. Anu says we know why you don’t want to stay, even then we want you to stay. She asks by what right. He says we don’t need a name for our relation, our relation has love and faith, its better than the meaningless relations, we will always support each other. Gungun agrees and goes with him. She smiles seeing him.

Golu and Ankit tell Gungun about Anu’s birthday. Golu says he doesn’t celebrate it. Gungun says this time, we will celebrate it. Akriti also plans to surprise Anu on his birthday. Chandru asks Anu to come home, someone has planned a surprise for him.