Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 9th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Akriti decides to catch Anu red-handed

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 9th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

The Episode starts with Anu thanking Gungun for making his birthday special and getting many gifts. She says its necessities, you need to upgrade, else what’s the use to be so handsome. He smiles. She lies in her lap. He gets close. She gets up. They have a talk. Chandru asks shall we talk to Golu. Akriti comes home and shows Anu and Gungun’s pic. Charu gets angry. Gungun asks Anu what was the need to buy so many clothes. He says I want you to look stylish. Akriti says he always lies to me. Charu says Anu is breaking this family, I will not forgive him. Akriti says no use to call him, I will do whatever it takes. Anu hugs Gungun and says I took the gifts today, but next time, I won’t accept expensive gifts. Gungun says fine, throw it. He asks her to invest the money. She says I want to invest in our relation to make our love grow. He says you are thinking if Akriti will sign the papers or not. She says your family will never forgive me.

He says I don’t know our future, but I always want to stay with you, its just with you. He asks for his birthday gift. She asks what’s that. He says I will do it and show. She runs. He asks her to stop. They fall on the bed. Dekheya….plays….

They get close. She gets Golu’s call. Golu says we have to talk about the party. She says Anu isn’t getting ready, and not letting me get ready. Golu says we will cut the cake then. She says no, we are coming. Anu asks where are you, you left me alone. Golu says alone with Gungun. He teases Anu.

He asks Anu to enjoy their dinner. Gungun says I m going to get ready. She gives Anu his shirt. She goes. Charu says you want to go to Mumbai. Chandru asks what about your job. Akriti says I will go there and catch them red-handed, I will get Anu back here. Goli comes home. Charu stops her. Chandru asks Goli to listen to Pradyush once. She asks why.

She says he cheated me, I can’t trust him that he will say the truth. They all convince her. Goli cries and says I have struggled and tolerated a lot, I heard everyone’s taunts that I didn’t get married, Pradyush used to speak sweetly and cheated all of us, I used to wait for him, he didn’t come back, he went to US and got married, he had no shame to inform us, I came out of this pain, it took years, you want to push me in that pain, its his fate that I refused him, are you my family or Pradyush’s? Chandru says we don’t want to see you going through that hell, just talk to him and end this story, tell him that you don’t need him, you have your family, ask him why did he come back now, fight him. She says he lost the right that I fight with him, if you like him so much, then call him, dine with him, don’t expect anything from me.

Charu says my heart got hurt. She says you don’t know what I m going through. He says you are my beloved sister, I will try that you don’t get hurt. She asks why are you asking me to talk to him, my story isn’t incomplete but over, don’t start this again. Gaikwad comes to Ranvijay and scolds him for sending the pic to Akriti. Ranvijay apologizes and says I will give you extra money. Gaikwad gets his goon’s call. He says good, our man will give him poison and kill him, don’t worry. Ranvijay hears his plans and smiles. He says you are really smart. Gaikwad says you are a fool. Ranvijay says happy birthday Anu, you will die today. Gungun hugs Anu.

Anu celebrates his birthday with Gungun. Gaikwad says Anu will die. Anu gets the poison drink.