Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 11th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Kashi puts one condition in front of Mastani

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 11th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Scene 1
Kashi tells Mastani that I am giving away my Baji to you. Ganga says what are you saying? Kashi tells Mastani that she will stay here, and give him love and peace. Do what you want to. I won but I won’t send you back. Mastani is surprised and says thank you. He told me that only Kashi would understand him, he trusted you to take the right decision. Kashi says I have one condition though. Mastani says I will accept anything to be with baji. Kashi says you will never enter the palace, in fact, you will not enter the city. You won’t pressurize Baji to bring you there. You are an outsider and will remain so. Mastani is shocked. Matank says don’t accept this condition. Mastani says if she wants that then I will accept it. She tells Kashi that she will fulfill all her conditions. Kashi says then you can stay here, please take care of him. I am giving a king to you. Mastani nods. Kashi leaves from there.

Kashi comes back to the palace. Radha and others come there. Radha says why did you do that? Kashi says I saw Baji’s pain, I am scared that Baji will lose the path without Mastani and this reign needs him. Radha says Baji would have forgotten her after she left. Kashi says he would have gone behind her. He said his soul is with Mastani, you didn’t see him hugging her, he was like lost in her. If I separate them then this reign will lose Baji as a warrior. Ganga says what about you? You are losing Baji. Kashi says I lost him when Mastani saved his life. She will stay here as Baji needs her but I have told her that she won’t enter the palace. Radha says that’s right, she asks Chimaji to tighten the security. Radha tells Kashi that you have proven his loyalty but doing a sacrifice like this. You shared your husband with another woman for this reign and people won’t even know that, what about you? Kashi says I lost my Baji way before. I am just Nana Saheb’s mother now.

Scene 2
In the morning, Baji wakes up in the tent and comes out. Some villagers are passing by and find him there. Mastani comes out of the tent. A man says there is a woman with him. The other woman says she must be his wife. Baji hugs Mastani and caresses her face lovingly. The villagers say this is not his wife. Chimaji arrives there and asks them to go away. They all leave. Baji and Mastani turn to see him there. Baji holds Mastani’s hand. Chimaji says I am sorry but you have to go in the tent, people are making up rumors. Baji says so what? I love Mastani, I didn’t do any crime to hide it. Mastani proudly smiles at him. Baji says Mastani is in my heart, she deserves a place with me in the palace so I don’t need to hide anything.

Baji tells Mastani that I will go and talk to Kashi. Mastani says what’s the need? Baji says people need to know your place in my life, I will get your rights and take you to the palace. Mastani stops him and recalls Kashi’s condition. She says my house is where you are with me. I want to be with you in peace without any trouble. I don’t want questions to be raised about my love. I have seen you divided between two paths and I know our love won’t be accepted here so I am thinking that we should go to Bundelkhand, we can start a life there together. You will be a king there. Baji says I am a Peshwa, I can’t come with you. Mastani says you will be a king there and no one will question you. Baji says this is my place, you will have to stay here. I talked to Kashi yesterday and if you are here today then it means Kashi must have accepted you. People follow Kashi’s words here, if she accepts you then everyone will. Mastani says I am telling you to not do this, it will bring more pain. Baji says I have decided and I will pay for it. He leaves from there.

Kashi is playing with her son and says you have to become a great warrior and protect our country. Ganga says he is very small. Kashi says I have to be his mother and father both because his father is distracted. I have to educate him alone so he can become the son of Bajirao. Ganga says sometimes I am scared of seeing your strength. You will tire yourself like this. Kashi says no, I am not just a Peshwan, I am a mother now and I can’t lose in front of my son. A soldier comes there and says you are needed in the courtroom urgently.

Kashi comes to the courtroom and finds Radha inspecting a box. She shouts who brought this here? Kashi says what is this? Radha says don’t touch it. She says Nizam has sent a twaiz (Muslim sacred thread) for Nana Saheb for his protection. This will protect him? Don’t touch it as he might be hinting that Nana Saheb will need protection now. Radha asks Kaviri to clean the whole palace. Radha says our jal will protect Nana Saheb. Kashi looks on and says you are right, anything that is not part of India’s culture shouldn’t touch Nana Saheb, I will think about it. Radha says don’t need to think about it, their God is different but we never questioned them. This is an insult to us, she asks Chimaji to send it back to Nizam and give a message to him to not even eye us. Kashi says I will take care of everything, I will send it back, don’t worry. Radha says anything related to the Mughals shouldn’t enter this palace. Radha nods and leaves. Kashi stares at the tawiz. Ganga says how will you send it back? Radha hates Mughals a lot. Kashi says hating a religion or a cult is not good. It’s wrong to hate a group of people till they are harmless. If we send it back to Nizam then he might feel insulted and start another war which we don’t want. Maybe he sent it with good wishes? We should take this positively till Nizam does something against us. Mughals might be against our culture but we shouldn’t act like them. I will throw it in the river and when the time comes for Mughals to attack us then I will answer them back. She asks Ganga to take it to the river with respect and that anything related to the Mughals shouldn’t enter the palace again. Ganga says how can you be so selfless? Kashi says I have done everything for humanity and for my Baji. Ganga takes the tawiz away. Kashi says there is a place for every religion in this country and we can all live peacefully but Baji’s swordsmanship is needed to maintain discipline. Baji enters the palace and thinks I have to convince Kashi today to bring Mastani to the palace.

The episode ends.