Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 19th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Kashi helps Mastani and brings her to the palace

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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 19th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Scene 1
Kashi tells Mastani that I will do what’s required. Baji needs you and people need Baji. I will allow you to enter the palace but I don’t want any riots so I have come here to help you. Mastani says how? Kashi says yes if you want to stay with Baji in the palace then listen to me. She says people will start fighting so you have to agree with me as I don’t want people to go against Baji. Mastani says I don’t want that too, I will do as you say. Kashi says fine, she calls Ganga there with some items. She shows some clothes and jewelry to Mastani and says if you want to enter the palace then you have to wear all this. You are half Hindu and Baji is a Hindu too. If you wear this then maybe people will not be as angry. Baji also said that your father is a Hindu and your identity is based on your father’s. Mastani says if it will make things easier for Baji then I accept. Ganga says Kashi sent Baji to Bundelkhand to save you and your people and what did you? Took away Baji from her? Kashi says stop saying that, she asks Ganga to leave, and she leaves. Mastani tells Kashi I saved Baji’s life twice, I don’t want to snatch anything from you, I just to become part of your life. Kashi says it’s not the time to talk about all this, just get ready. Mastani says I don’t know how to dress in these clothes. Kashi says now I have to dress up the person who destroyed my family? Mastani looks on and says Ganga can help me. Kashi looks at Ganga who is not friendly with Mastani and recalls Baji’s words that he needs Mastani. Kashi says I have always taken Baji’s responsibilities so I will do this too. She starts getting Mastani ready in her saree. She recalls how Baji used to help her in getting ready. Mastani is ready and thanks her. Kashi says I had to do it, you should come now.

All people plan to riot against Mastani. Guruji says we can’t allow Mastani to enter the palace.

Kashi comes out of the palace, and Ganga says Sooriya and Chimaji left. Ganga says you still love Baji? Kashi says that time has passed, he just needs Mastani. I just have to pick up the pieces. She leaves with Ganga.

Matank tells Mastani that this might be a trap. Mastani says I don’t have a choice, Kashi came to help me. I am going there. She leaves. Baji comes to the tent and looks around for Mastani but she is not there. He recalls Radha and Kashi’s words. He says if anything happens to Mastani then I won’t spare anyone.

Chimaji tells Radha that Kashi went to meet Mastani so we couldn’t attack her. Kashi comes there and says I knew you would do something else. What were you people thinking? Baji never spares his enemies and you people wanted to attack Mastani? He wouldn’t spare you, people. Radha says he wouldn’t hurt his own people. Kashi says he is hurting us all already, nothing should happen to Mastani as Baji needs her and I have already accepted that. They hear Baji angrily coming there. Baji asks where is Mastani? He takes out his sword and turns to see Kashi standing there. He lowers his sword and asks where is Mastani? Kashi says now your sword is out against your own people? Baji says you people took away Mastani. Kashi says we had to as Mastani had to die. Baji looks on. Radha thinks what happened to Kashi? Kashi says Mastani is not here. Like Radha Bai, Kashi Bai, and Ragma Bai.. there will be Mastani Bai.. she is coming to the palace. Baji turns to see Mastani entering the palace dressed like a Maratha woman. Baji asks where did you go and why are you wearing this saree? Mastani says just wait and you will find out. Kashi tells Radha and others that you people had a problem with Mastani being a Muslim but Mastani is a Hindu completely. Mastani says my father is a Hindu and I have been a follower of Krishna since childhood. Baji says thank you for clarifying, how did you think about this idea? Mastani says it’s not me, it was Kashi. Baji says only Kashi would be able to do this. Kashi says so my decision is that Mastani can enter the palace. Guruji and others look on. Radha thinks Kashi did all this to bring Mastani in the palace but I still have something planned for this girl. Mastani and Baji smile at each other.
The episode ends.