Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 24th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Baji gets to know about his son

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 24th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Scene 1
Baji is about to tell Kashi about Mastani but he hears a baby crying. Kashi says I wanted to surprise you. Ganga brings their baby there. Kashi tells Baji that this is our son. Baji is stunned and says it’s our son? he is just like you. He holds his son and is elated. Kashi cries happily and says I am sorry for sending you to Bundelkhand, I knew about my pregnancy but those people needed you so I didn’t inform you about my pregnancy. I am really sorry. Baji says you have given me the biggest happiness. He smiles holding this baby and says he will my warrior. Kashi says I saw a dream of choosing the name for our baby. Baji says you can choose it. Kashi says I have an idea, she whispers the name to him. Baji hugs her and says I like it. Kashi says you wanted to say something? Baji looks on and says I forgot everything after looking at our baby. Kashi says I am happy to see you here, let’s go back home. Baji recalls his promise to Mastani. He says let’s go. He holds Kashi’s hand and leaves from there. Matank comes there and sees them going. She goes to Mastani and says Baji left with his wife. Mastani says I am his wife too, he promised me so I will come to get me for sure. Matank says what if he doesn’t come? Mastani says I trust my love. Matank says let’s go inside the tent, Mastani says no I will wait for Baji here.

Baji and Kashi come back to the palace. All people chant for him. All women tease Baji to giving a gift to Kashi, and tell her that they love her. Baji is stressed. He looks at Kashi and says she is my moon. Kashi blushes and says you are my life. Ragma says there is a sun in the solar system, who is that for Baji? Guruji comes there and says you shouldn’t joke like this. He does Baji’s aarti. Sooriya thinks I hope Baji has changed his mind after looking at his baby and he has forgotten about Mastani. Chimaji comes there and asks Baji to go and meet Radha, she is miffed with you. Baji looks on and thinks wait for me Mastani, I will come back.

Radha tells Ragma that don’t invite Shuibai to the function as she doesn’t like Kashi. Baji comes to her and says you are miffed with me? Radha says you won the war but you don’t look happy? Kashi can’t see through you but I am your mother. What are you hiding? Baji says there is nothing. Radha says I can see fear in your eyes but just remember that Kashi is my daughter, mother of my grandson so if you hurt her then I won’t spare you. Baji says you have changed. Radha says I couldn’t see her goodness before but she saved our throne so I am telling you to not hurt her.

Mastani is standing outside the tent when the storm comes. She tells Matank that I will stay here and wait for Baji.

Radha tells Baji to stay with Kashi as one family. Baji looks on.

The episode ends.