Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 25th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Kashi decides to cut off her closeness with Baji

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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 25th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Scene 1
Kashi tells Ganga that I am an inspiration for everyone so I don’t want any other woman to face what I had to face because of Baji’s act. Ganga asks what is she thinking? Kashi stares at Baji hugging Mastani.

Kashi is playing with her son in her room when Baji comes there. He makes his son eat with his hands. Kashi says he should sleep now. Baji says I will help him. Kashi says we should go out. He smiles and says sure.

Matank tells Mastani that you were living like a princess and they have locked you in a servant’s room. Mastani says everything will be fine. Matank says you must be hungry, I will go and ask for food. Mastani says I will go with you.

Baji comes to the garden with Kashi and his son. Baji says thank you, I think everything is going to be fine. Kashi says there is another reason to be here with you. Baji says it’s a good time to talk so let’s walk a little bit.

Mastani comes to the kitchen but other servants start taunting her that she is like them now. Radha comes there and says you people deserve this, Kashi sent Baji to save your city but what did you do? You destroyed her own house. You deserve to eat with servants and their food only. Mastani says this is your house so we will eat what you want. Radha nods and tells Ragma that she can’t be happy after destroying a life.

Matank comes to Baji and sees him with Kashi and their son. She thinks I knew this was Kashi’s plan all along.

Baji puts his son down in the cot and tells Kashi that it was a good time to spend with you and our son. Kashi says this was the last time. Ganga comes there too. Kashi says I called you today here to spend time with your son because I took a decision for my myself like you took a decision for yourself. Your decision broke my trust in our love and relationship. Baji says I apologized to you. Kashi says it’s not about you, it’s about me so I have taken a decision that you will not enter my room from nighttime till the morning. Baji is stunned and says what are you saying? Kashi says you chose Mastani so you have to leave something behind. We can stay together day the time but we can’t stay together at night time. Baji says I am trying to make everything fine and you are trying to be away from me? Kashi says you are not mine anymore, you were never my husband. Baji says I am the same Baji, we have the same connection. Kashi says what about love? There is no love between us, this is just a compromise but you won’t understand as you are blinded by Mastani. Ganga thinks about what is Kashi doing, she goes to tell Radha. Kashi tells Baji that earlier I used to wait to be with you but now being near you makes me feel sick. Baji says can’t you forgive me? Kashi says I can’t forgive this. I will just be a Peshwan from now on. I will be a mother and a wife in front of others but we will stay apart in the nighttime. Baji says this is injustice. Kashi says you are forgetting that I am not a Peshwan right now, I am right now a wife who was betrayed by her husband. You never thought that I would leave you because you thought I am a woman so I will bear everything. I don’t want people to think that if this can happen with a Peshwan so any woman should bear this pain so I am breaking our relationship. Baji says I have apologized, this is wrong. Kashi says I never asked for anything, what did you ask for? You asked for Mastani so I am asking for this separation. Baji says fine, I will do as you want. I will not enter your palace in the nighttime from now on. He kisses his son and looks at their room one last time. He leaves from there. Kashi cries silently.

The episode ends.