Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 27th July 2022 Written Episode Update

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 27th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Scene 1
Radha says I am ready to accept Mastani but I have a condition. She brings the kheer that Kashi made. Mastani says I have made sweets (sheer qorma) too. Radha tells Baji that if Mastani wins then I will accept her, and everyone will taste both their sweets. They all sit to eat. Mastani offers her sweets to Kashi. They all eat Kashi’s kheer and Mastani’s sheer qorma. Radha says Baji will take a decision. Baji says there is no doubt that Kashi’s kheer is better than Mastani’s sheer qorma. Mastani says I agree, her kheer was better than mine. Kashi says the truth is that I have never tasted a delicious dish like Mastani’s. Radha asks Baji to decide if she should be accepted by us when she can’t even compete with Kashi? Baji says so you won’t accept her? He says Mastani will live in a different palace. Radha says we don’t have a place for this girl. Baji writes an announcement and says no one can stop me. He says I can’t let people insult Mastani, he writes an order and leaves. Kashi tells Radha to accept Mastani otherwise Baji will leave with her. Radha says you will always be above Mastani and everyone needs to understand that, we have to control power here.

Mastani asks Baji why did you do that? I want to stay in this palace and mingle with the family. Baji says there is no use in that, I will take you to another palace. Mastani hugs him and says thank you for allowing me into another palace.

Kashi is consoling her son. Baji comes there and asks what happened? Kashi says he keeps crying. Baji takes him from her and he calms down. Kashi says he must have been missing you. Kashi says to give him to me as you won’t be here a lot for him. Baji says I am sorry for hurting you. Kashi says you have broken all your promises but I just want to request you to consult me before taking decisions. I have thrown you out of the room but not out of my life. Baji says you have broken our connection. Kashi says someone stole you from me so

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