Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 28th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Mastani wants to test Baji’s love

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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 28th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Scene 1
Kashi is singing a lullaby for her baby. Ganga comes there and says Guruji is here. Kashi comes to meet him. Baji greets him but Guruji says we can’t give you more respect after bringing that girl here. He tells Kashi that we always had hopes from you but you shouldn’t have allowed that girl here. Kashi says I am sorry but I did what I could. Guruji blesses Nana Saheb and says his fate crown, he will be a bigger Peshwa than Baji Rao. Kashi thanks him and says it’s such good news, what should I give you as a reward? Guruji asks Baji if he will reward him for his son. Baji says anything you ask for. Guruji says a pooja should be done for your son and you should sit in it with your wife. Baji says I will do that. Mastani and Matank hear all that. Mastani is happy and leaves from there. Matank tells Mastani that it’s a chance to test Baji. Mastani says it’s his son’s pooja so I can’t ask him to choose me. Matank says you have to prove that Baji will always choose you over Kashi and her son. Mastani says if I have to prove my love then I will but what will I say? Matank says lie that it’s your birthday and see if he will come to you.

Kashi and others are preparing for the pooja. Baji comes there so Kashi thanks him for doing this for their son. Baji says I am doing this for you also. Kashi nods and leaves. Matank gives a letter to Baji. Kashi and Radha notice it. Baji leaves from there. Radha asks what happened to him. Kashi says Mastani must have called him. Guruji says we will soon start the pooja.

Baji comes to Mastani and sprinkles rose petals on her. Baji hugs her and says why didn’t you tell me it’s your birthday? We will celebrate it grandly. Mastani says I just want to spend time with you. I thought we could go around the palace today. Baji says I wish I could spend time today with you but let me know when? Mastani says come and meet me after the evening. He says okay and leaves. Matank tells Mastani that now he will have to choose between you and Kashi. Mastani says I am sure Baji will come to me.

Scene 2
Ganga comes to Kashi and says it’s Mastani’s birthday today. Kashi says this doesn’t look like a coincidence, I know what she is trying to do. She goes from there.

Baji comes to Guruji, Guruji says this pooja can’t be done without you, is there an issue? Baji says no. He recalls Mastani telling him to meet her today only.

Mastani is decorating her room when Kashi comes there and wishes her her birthday. She says I just got to know about your birthday. You must have heard that it’s my son’s pooja today right? Mastani says what do you want to say? Kashi says you know what I am trying to say. How did you just realize that it’s your birthday today? Mastani says I just remembered it and want to spend time with Baji. Kashi starts decorating and says even if it’s your birthday even then Baji should be with his son today. She says you can do anything you want with me but when it comes to my son then you will see a different side of me. She gives a dagger to her as a present. Mastani says I have no ill intentions, it’s my birthday and that’s the truth. If I told Baji then what’s wrong? It’s on him whether he wants to be with me or with you. Kashi says I know him way better than you. I wish you didn’t have done this as you will be hurt now. Happy birthday. She leaves from there. Mastani looks on.

The pooja is about to start, and Radha is waiting for Baji and Kashi. Kashi meets Baji and asks why does he look sad? Baji says it’s Mastani’s birthday today and there is Nana’s pooja too. You know how much I love Mastani. Kashi says I know that but what about Nana Saheb? Baji says I love him so much, I am stressed about what to do, God is taking my test. Kashi says it’s not time but someone else taking my test. Baji asks who? Kashi says didn’t you think that it was a weird coincidence? After pooja was announced then suddenly there was a birthday? I just want to tell you that your decisions will impact Nana’s life. You are not only his father but his mentor as a Peshwa so just think before taking any decision. Baji says you think Mastani is doing this deliberately? Kashi says I don’t know that, I just know today is very important for our son’s future. If it was about me then I would have sent you to her easily but it’s about our son now. Baji says it’s Mastani’s first birthday and she doesn’t have anyone with her. Kashi says no one matters to me but son at this time. Baji says it’s not easy for me, what should I do? Kashi looks on.

The episode ends.