Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 28th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Baji promises Mastani to announce her as his wife

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 28th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Scene 1
Radha tells Baji to stay with Kashi and make his family, she leaves. Baji thinks to go and meet Mastani. He comes to his room and finds Kashi with their baby there. Kashi says he is crying for you, she gives the baby to him and says he wants you to stay with him. Baji looks on. Kashi finds a sand pouch with him and asks what is this? Baji says it’s a gift. Kashi puts it away, Baji looks on.

Mastani is standing alone in the jungle and it starts raining. Matank says let’s go back, Baji loves you but he doesn’t care about you. He won’t come back. Mastani says I trust him, I will wait here.

Baji sits with Kashi and smiles at his baby. Kashi says now I have you so I can sleep peacefully. Baji says I will take care of the baby, you can sleep. Kashi says I don’t want you to leave me anymore, I missed you so much. I wanted to share this news with you but I couldn’t reach you. Baji says you had to bear a lot. Kashi says women can bear any pain if their husbands are with them. I have you now so I can bear any pain. She says you didn’t even bring a small gift for me? Baji says I am sorry, I was stuck with matters. Kashi says I will ask for one right then, I want to name our baby. Baji says sure. Kashi says my feet are hurting so you should take me to the bed. Baji puts the baby down and picks up Kashi. She smiles at him. Baji puts her on the bed and she goes to sleep. Baji tries to leave but Kashi wakes up and asks where are you going? Baji says go to sleep. Kashi says I feel like you want to say something. Baji recalls Radha’s words to not hurt Kashi. Baji says I will talk to you later. Kashi goes to sleep. Baji takes his sand pouch and leaves from there.

Scene 2
Mastani is shivering in the rain and says Baji will come for sure. Matank says he won’t come, we should go back.

Baji is leaving the palace. Radha sees him leaving and says where is he going at night?

Baji rides his horse and reaches Mastani just in time as she is about to fall. Baji says what were you doing? Mastani says I was waiting for you. Baji lifts her in his arms and brings her to the tent. He gives her hot water and says you shouldn’t have stayed in the rain. Mastani says I was waiting for you, did you tell Kashi about us? Baji says I was about to tell her but she showed our baby boy to us. Mastani is elated and says your baby? Baji smiles and says I didn’t know about it. I met Radha and she told me to not hurt Kashi. Mastani says that’s good news, he is my son too. Baji says yes, you will be his younger mom. Mastani smiles and asks what will be his name? Baji says we haven’t decided yet, we will have a naming function. Matank comes there and asks if Mastani won’t be part of the naming function? You thought that Mastani is an illegitimate child so she can become part of your extra-marital affair. Mastani says respect him. Matank says he is not being respectful to you. You are his new wife.

Radha tells Kaviri that Baji left Kashi at this time so he is hiding something. I have to find out before Kashi can.

Mastani asks Matank to leave, and he leaves. Mastani apologizes to Baji. Baji says he is right, I am embarrassing you. Mastani holds his hand and says I am your wife and I have a wish to become part of the naming function and bless the baby. Baji says I don’t know how Kashi will react. Mastani hugs him and says tell Kashi about us then, I don’t want to be away from you. I have been called illegitimate all my life so I don’t want to become your dasi. Baji says you are right, you are my wife and I have to tell Kashi someday so why not now? I will tell her about you and you will be part of the naming function. Mastani hugs him happily.

The episode ends.