Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 29th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Mastani finally sees Kashi for the first time

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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 29th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Scene 1
Bhuibai comes to Radha’s house. Kashi comes to meet her. Bhuibai asks Kashi how is she? Kashi says I am fine. Bhuibai says I have already decided his name. Kashi thinks Baji has to convince Bhuibai to let me name him.

Baji and Kashi are searching for each other. Baji says I have to talk to her before the function starts. Baji comes to meet Bhuibai and says my husband has never mistreated me after Kashi taught him a lesson. You and Kashi are a perfect couple. Baji is about to leave but he stops and says can you let us name the son? He tells her the name which Kashi decided. Bhuibai says you just have to promise me that you will always keep Kashi happy. I am happy in my married life because of her only. Baji says I promise to keep her happy, nobody can take her position in my life. Bhuibai smiles and leaves. Baji thinks I have to fulfill my promise to Mastani, I have to talk to Kashi and if I can’t then I am sorry Mastani but I won’t be able to fulfill my promise.

The naming function starts, and Kashi and Radha arrive there. The priest asks where is Baji? Sooriya says Baji left for some work. The priest says we need the father to start the function. Radha says baby’s mother is here so you can start the pooja without Baji and he will join. Kashi thinks why do I feel alone when Baji is around?

Mastani tells Matank that if Baji doesn’t come to take me then I will go myself but I won’t embarrass Baji. She leaves.

Baji arrives at the tent and asks Matank about Mastani. Matank says she wanted to be a part of the function but she is participating as a servant to protect her name. You shouldn’t promise her when you can’t fulfill it as she is giving up her status because of you. Baji says if Kashi sees her then it will be wrong.

Mastani arrives at the palace as a servant in a vale. The pooja ends and Kashi holds her baby. Mastani is there and says this is Kashi? She is so simple and down to earth, she isn’t like she was painted in front of me. The priest tells Radha that Baji has to be here. Radha says he must have some important work. Kashi says we will wait for him to come and then we will name the baby. Baji arrives there and says I am here, we can start the ceremony. Kashi asks where was he? Baji says I had something important, let’s start. Mastani hides and smiles at him. Baji looks around for her. Mastani thinks maybe he knows I am here. Kashi asks Baji where is his attention? Let’s go. Baji goes with her.

The naming ceremony starts, Bhuibai starts the ritual and tells everyone that she will tell the name to Baji first. Baji says no, Kashi has the first right. Mastani smiles and says he is right. Bhuibai whispers the name to Kashi. Kashi says I chose the same name, Bhuibai says Baji told me you like this name. Kashi announces the name and says our son’s name is Balaji Baji Rao. All smile. Baji looks around and sees Mastani. He says Mastani.. Kashi says what? Baji says nothing. He holds his baby and says his name is Balaji. Mastani smiles at him in a veil. Sooriya tells Radha that I feel that girl is here. Radha says if I find her then I will kill her.

Baji and Kashi show the baby to the people, they all chant for him. Radha says he is Baji and Kashi’s son. Baji says yes, he is the son of Kashi, I and… Kashi looks on.

The episode ends.