Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 30th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Kashi finds out about Baji and Mastani’s affair

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 30th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Scene 1
Baji announces to the people that he is a son of Baji, Kashi and.. Radha. Mastani hides and looks on. All people cheer for them. Radha thanks Baji for announcing her name also. Kashi says can I call him Nanaji as a pet name? Radha says why not, we will lovingly call him Nana Saheb. Kashi asks the people to bless her baby. Mastani comes near Baji and whispers that I had to come here to fulfill your promise, I want to meet my baby. Baji says I am sorry that I couldn’t announce your name and you have to meet him like this. Mastani goes away. Radha asks Sooriya to keep an eye on Baji. All people are looking at the baby. Baji is looking around, Kashi tells Ganga that Baji seems lost today. Mastani goes to the baby and blesses him. She greets Kashi and says I have heard a lot about you, you are great. Kashi thanks her and asks them to have food before leaving. Baji looks on. Mastani leaves a gift for Nana Saheb and says to become a great warrior like Baji. Baji smiles seeing that. Sooriya is glaring at her and goes to Radha. He tells her that she is the woman Baji has eyes on. Mastani is leaving but Kashi stops her and says thank you for blessing my baby like that. She gives her gold necklace to her as a gift. Mastani says I can’t take it. Kashi says please take it, I am giving it as a gift. Baji thinks Mastani had to come here like a servant and have to take wealth like a servant. I can’t let be insulted like this. He is about to say something but Radha stops him and cuts her hand with a dagger, she says you wanted this right? She asks him to stop this drama otherwise she will kill herself. Mastani starts leaving with the gift but Kashi says everyone stops. She asks the soldiers to not let anyone leave. She looks at the cloth that Mastani gifted to her son and says the sign on this cloth is from another province. This is not our sign who is an outsider here? you should come out otherwise I will punish you. She asks Sooriya to look around. Baji thinks I have to save Mastani. He tells Kashi that I brought it from Bundelkhand as a gift. Kashi says I am sorry for making a scene. Mastani starts leaving. Baji is staring at her and goes behind her. Kashi notices that and thinks why is he going behind that woman? Who is she? Mastani leaves from there.

Mastani changes her clothes and goes out of the palace. Baji is going behind her. Kashi follows them.

Mastani comes into the jungle, and Baji and Kashi are following her. Kashi says why is Baji here? I might be doubting for no reason. My Baji is not like that, he wouldn’t follow a girl around. She leaves from there. Mastani turns around and sees Baji there. She hugs him tightly. Kashi doesn’t see that and leaves. Baji tells Mastani I am ashamed, I didn’t want you to meet everyone like that. Mastani says it’s okay, I can do anything for you. Baji says these people won’t accept you, you shouldn’t have accepted me. Mastani says you promised me so I had to come there. Baji smiles and says I am scared of your fearless love. Kashi is leaving and thinks to go back with Baji. She goes back around and finds Baji hugging Mastani tightly. She is shocked and says this might be a dream, my Baji can’t do this. Mastani finds Kashi standing there and is shocked. Baji looks at Kashi.

The episode ends.