Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 5th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Kashi comes to meet Mastani

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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 5th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Scene 1
Sooriya tells Radha and the family about Baji being with Mastani. He says Baji is completely out of control. Chimaji says how can he do that? Radha says we have to handle this matter. She asks Chimaji to go and bring Baji back. He needs to realize that he is a husband and a father, he doesn’t have time to love some other woman.

Kashi is playing with Nanaji and tells him that he will eat for the first time today. He needs to understand the importance of food and how he should respect it. Ganga says you are going through pain but still making your son stronger.

Radha and Kashi are busy with the function. Chimaji comes there and Baji is with Mastani, he denied coming here and has sent a letter for Kashi. Kashi reads it and it says that he can’t come to his son’s function. He requests her to bring him back with Mastani otherwise it will be an insult for Mastani.

Baji reads Kashi’s letter and tells Mastani that today is my son’s food eating function. Mastani says we should go there. Baji looks away and says Kashi didn’t accept us. He writes a letter to Kashi and says I won’t go there. Mastani says you should go there. Baji says you were insulted before unintentionally but this was intentional so I have to stop it.

Radha tells Kashi that Baji has lost his mind, and doesn’t accept his conditions. Kashi says I am not thinking about that woman, I just know that my son needs his father and he won’t come here with Mastani. Radha says that’s not a solution. Kashi says the solution is that I will go to meet Mastani. Chimaji says that will be your insult. Kashi says Baji didn’t come here because it would be insulting for Mastani and you are stopping me to go there because it will be my insult but I have to meet Mastani for my son. She tells Sooriya to arrange for her to meet Mastani alone, and he nods. Kashi gives her son to Radha and leaves.

Baji makes a necklace and shows it to Mastani. He says I made this for my son. Sooriya arrives there and says there are a lot of issues with our government, people are ready to attack us and you are blinded by a woman’s love. Baji says I am a warrior first. Mastani says Baji should leave. Baji says I will be back soon. Baji leaves with Sooriya from there. Mastani smiles.

Mastani finds a caravan arriving near her tent. She is stunned to see Kashi there. Mastani greets her. Kashi recalls Baji begging her to give him Mastani. Kashi greets her. Mastani says you are welcome to come inside. Kashi goes inside the tent and her servants bring gifts for Mastani. Mastani says what is all this? Kashi says you are our guest so I had to bring some things but these days guests are trying to steal from us. Mastani says we are not like that. Kashi says my Baji was your guest and what did you do? You took away everything from him. Mastani says I didn’t steal anything from him. I just loved him unconditionally. Kashi says you do know that he is married, you knew that he has a family. Mastani says there is no stopping love. I have loved him all my life, I don’t care if he is married or not. I just know that I can’t live without him. Kashi is hurt hearing that and says you talk poetry but I am a mother so don’t play with words in front of me. I am married to Baji and that’s my relationship with him. The marriages are based on discipline. My relationship with Baji is strong where we support each other through thick and thin. Mastani smiles and says love is a relationship too and it’s stronger than your relationship. Kashi says how? Mastani says I am his shadow, I am always there with him, even on the battlefield. She shows Baji’s sword to her and says I even fight with his sword. Kashi grabs the sword from her angrily. Mastani puts her hand on her shoulder to show she understands her pain.

The episode ends.