Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 6th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Kashi challenges Mastani

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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 6th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Scene 1
Mastani shows Baji’s sword to Kashi and says he gifted this to me. Kashi grabs the sword in anger. Mastani puts her hand on her shoulder but Kashi moves away. Kashi says you won’t understand because you are selfish, you want to become Baji’s shadow but I am always with him. You use his sword in a war but I handle all the matters as a Peshwan for him. Your love is selfish but my love is patient. Mastani says I don’t need any position or become a Peshwan. I would be happy to stay in a jungle with Baji. Kashi says I am Baji’s strength, Baji might be distracted but I handle government matters when he is not around. Mastani says then let’s see if your power will win or my love. Kashi says you are challenging me? Mastani says you came to challenge me as you came here when Baji left. You can’t scare me. Kashi smiles and says you are egotistic, I didn’t come to scare you. You don’t need Baji as you are pretty. You shouldn’t have challenged me. Mastani says I can’t accept anyone questioning my love. Kashi says what challenge do you want? Mastani says anything you want. Kashi says if you lose then you will leave Baji forever but if I lose then I will accept your love. Mastani says I accept. Kashi says the challenge is whoever Baji returns to will win. Mastani says what do you mean? Kashi says I will take Baji to our son’s food ceremony, if he leaves from there and come to meet you then you will win but if he stays back with me then I will win. Mastani nods. Kashi starts leaving and thinks it doesn’t matter if I win or not, nothing will change as Baji is already in love with Mastani. Mastani thinks I just want to stay with Baji and I have to make Kashi believe in my love.

Scene 2
Kashi is leaving Mastani’s tent. Baji comes there and asks what is she doing here? Kashi says your Mastani is pretty. Baji says you met her? Kashi says I have come to take you. Baji says I can’t come with you because you didn’t accept Mastani. Kashi says I have talked to Mastani and she agreed that I can take you for our son’s function. We will talk about her entry to the palace later on. Baji says Mastani agreed for me to go with you? Kashi nods. Baji smiles and says Mastani is mature. Kashi glares at him and says let’s go now.

Matank tells Mastani that if you lose then we will have to go back. Mastani says if I win then I will earn Kashi’s respect.

Radha tells Kashi that you are not just Baji’s wife but a mother too. Kashi says Baji has already fallen for her, how can I bring him back? Radha says you are not an ordinary woman, God will show you the path. Kashi prays to the lord. Otherside Mastani prays too.

Baji is playing with his son. Kashi comes there and smiles. Baji tells his son your mother will make you taste for the first time today. Baji says I have asked them to warm up the food first. Kashi gets the food. Radha says let’s make him eat. Chimaji feeds food to Nana Saheb. Baji and Kashi smile at each other. Baji holds his son proudly.

Mastani tells Matank that today my love will win and I will go to the palace. Kashi will understand our love too. Matank says Baji is not here and he doesn’t know about the challenge. Mastani gives a letter and asks him to send it to Baji. He nods and leaves. Mastani says Baji has to come and make our love win today.

Radha tells Kashi that Mastani has trapped Baji with her beauty. If we have to bring Baji back then you have to show your power to Kashi. Kashi says how? Radha says you have to show him that your love is stronger than anything else, you have to show that he needs you even for government matters. Baji needs to realize so you have to leave to your parents’ house. Kashi is shocked.
The episode ends.