Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 7th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Kashi leaves Baji as a punishment.

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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 7th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Scene 1
Radha tells Kashi to go back to her parents’ house. Kashi says I can’t go, I have a lot of responsibilities. Radha says to think about yourself and your son. Baji was happy with his son, can Mastani give him that happiness? Kashi says there is no love like a parent’s love. Radha says then go away and make Baji realize that he needs you. Kashi thinks what should I do? She thinks I might lose my self-respect in trying to win over Baji’s love.

Baji takes his diamond and says I will need it. He gets Mastani’s letter that she is waiting for him tonight, you promised to come back to her so she is waiting. Sooriya says we need you here for government-related matters. Baji says Kashi will handle everything so I will go to Mastani. The soldier comes there and says Kashi is going to her parents’ house. Baji is stunned.

Baji comes to Kashi and asks why is she leaving? Kashi says I can’t bear the pain anymore, you have brought another woman between us, I should leave before we start hating each other. Baji says you have responsibilities towards this family. Kashi says what about your responsibilities? She starts leaving. Baji says I didn’t care, maybe that’s I fell in love with Mastani. Kashi says what kind of love is this where you don’t care about your family hurting? Baji says I am not selfish, I just love her. Why are you going away? Kashi says marriage is based on trust and discipline from both sides. If there is damage from one side then the other can’t handle the marriage. You chose Mastani and fell down, I can’t see my Baji falling down so I have to go. Baji blesses his son. Kashi takes their son and leave.

Mastani is getting ready for Baji. Matank says you look so pretty. Mastani says I just want Baji to come here.

Scene 2
Baji is leaving the palace. Radha comes there and asks where is he going? Baji says I am going to meet Mastani. Sooriya says we have government-related matters pending. Radha says Shahu has asked for expenses, Kashi used to do it but now you will have to as she is not here. Baji says there are so many tasks pending? Radha says Kashi was handling everything, she used to do everything so that you will have peace here but you fell in love and didn’t care about her. Baji says it’s okay. I will come back and then do the work.

Kashi is leaving the palace. All people are pleading with her to not go away. Baji comes there and sees all that. Kashi tells everyone that Baji will take care of them. Kashi starts leaving. Baji looks on. Kashi leaves. Baji thinks he has to go and meet Mastani. he leaves the palace too.

Mastani is waiting for Baji to come to her. She recalls Kashi’s challenge and prays for him to come.

Baji is going to the jungle. Kashi’s caravan is passing by and Baji comes to meet her. Baji tells Kashi I took a diamond to gift it to Mastani but I want to give it to you now, you deserve it. Kashi is elated to hear that. Kashi thinks he didn’t go to Mastani, I won. He is mine now.

Otherside Mastani is waiting for Baji but he doesn’t come to meet her. Mastani is broken realizing that.

The episode ends.