Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 8th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Kashi accepts Baji and Mastani’s relationship

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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 8th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Scene 1
Baji gives the diamond to Kashi and says I wanted to give this to Mastani but I want to give it to you now as you deserve it. Baji tells Kashi I know you are hurt, I just want you to stop as my family and I need you. I love Mastani but you are my anchor, you are the soul of this place. I can just request you to accept my love. I remember how you fought for me to leave my family and become a great warrior. I couldn’t go to Mastani as I can’t see you leaving, we are partners for life and I need you. I am nothing without you. Kashi smiles and is about to hug him but stops herself. Baji holds her hands and says you are my need but Mastani is my love. Kashi feels hurt and moves away. Baji says you have my soul but my heart belongs to Mastani. I fell for her without control over myself. She was dying in my arms and then I had to accept my love for her. I can’t let you go away, can you please just accept Mastani. Kashi says you know my decision already. Baji says I know but think about your decision again, please accept my relationship with Mastani. He leaves from there. Kashi looks at the diamond and cries.

Mastani is waiting for Baji and starts feeling disappointed. Matank says he broke your heart, he made you see dreams and did this. Mastani cries and says I lost. I will go back. Matank says no, your brothers won’t spare you. Mastani says I promised Kashi that I would leave if I lose so I have to fulfill my promise. Baji arrives there so Mastani hugs him tightly. Kashi is there with Ganga and hiding. Baji tells Mastani that I am sorry for not being able to come earlier. Mastani smiles and says I understand, it’s okay. I don’t have any complaints, I just have a love for you in my heart. Kashi sees them hugging and crying. She tells Ganga that they are hugging each other with so much want and pain. Ganga says this is lust. Kashi says I wish it was, but it’s not. They are king and queens but they are living in a jungle without any luxuries because they are being themselves here. They are happy with each other. Look at them, they are so happy to be with each other. I have never seen my Baji like this. Ganga says what are you thinking? You have won already so just send this problem back home. Kashi looks on. Baji asks Mastani what has she planned for them? I want to spend and enjoy time with you. Mastani says it’s late so you should just rest. Baji says you know me well. He goes into the tent. Matank brings Mastani aside and asks why didn’t she confront Baji? You should have told him that you had a bet with Kashi and you lost it. Mastani says no, I can’t tell him. What if he gets angry with Kashi? Nobody forced me, I accepted the bet so I have to fulfill it now. When Baji goes to sleep then I will go back to Bundelkhand. Kashi hears all that and looks on.

Scene 2
Mastani sings a lullaby for Baji as he sleeps with his head in her lap. Kashi is hiding and hears all that. She recalls Baji’s words that he remains happy in doing simple things with Mastani. Kashi cries and recalls Baji begging for Mastani. Baji goes to sleep. Mastani cries and says I have to leave now. She gets up to leave but her saree gets stuck in Baji’s hands. She caresses his face and kisses his forehead. Her teardrops on his face. Mastani leaves from there.

Matank tells Mastani that I sent the soldiers away so we have to leave now. Mastani cries and nods. She says I didn’t expect this, there would be no bride with a fate like me. She starts leaving with Matank when they see Kashi arriving there with Ganga. Kashi says you were bragging about your love then how did you lose? Mastani says I lost but my love didn’t. Kashi says you both talk about love but you don’t understand the meaning of love. Love is about patience and enduring pain. Love is about flowers but about the pain which you bear with a smile. Love is about paying the price for others to be happy. She says you will now understand the real meaning of love as I will pay the price of your love. I can do anything for my Baji, I saw my Baji and I realized that you both have a pure relationship, that’s why I have decided I am giving my Baji to you. Mastani is surprised.

The episode ends.