‘Keep Smiling, OR ELSE pay…’, STRICT order issued for Government employees HERE | India News

You should keep laughing and smiling in life, whether you are in office or at home. However, it had not yet been made a law. But recently an order has been passed, according to which government employees have been ordered to smile in the office. Along with this, it has also been said that a fine will be imposed for not smiling. Actually, this order has been passed by a Mayor of the Philippines at the local level. It has been said in the order that government employees will have to work smiling in the office. Those who do not do so may be fined. 

6 months salary can be deducted

It has been clearly told to the employees that the salary of 6 months can be deducted for those who do not obey this order. Employees can also be suspended from the job. According to the report of New Straits Times, the name of this policy of Mayor Aristotle Aguri is Smile Policy. Under which government employees have been ordered to keep smiling. The mayor wants to improve services at the local government level. The mayor wants that when people come to their offices for their work, they can get a happy atmosphere. 

Mayor Aristotle Aguri wants a change in the attitude of government employees. He said that this decision has been taken in view of the complaints being received at the local level. Aristotle Aguri took charge this month in the town of Mulaney in the Quezon province of Luzon Island.  A few days later, he has brought Smile Policy.