Kumkum Bhagya 13th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Vikram makes an announcement in the party

Kumkum Bhagya 13th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

The Episode starts with Prachi coming to Ranbir and asks him what happened? Ranbir says nothing. Prachi says I know that you are not type of person, who stands lonely in the side while party is going on. She asks what happened? He says I hurt my Papa on my Mummy’s birthday. He asks her to give her hand to him. Prachi gives her hand to him. He holds her hand and hugs her. Prachi says everything will be fine and asks him not to worry. Vikram and Pallavi come back to party. Pallavi thinks Vikram is much affected. Vikram asks waiter to give the mic. Pallavi asks what is he going to go? Vikram says everyone is complementing me for my project, they shall complement our son too. Rhea tells something is wrong. Vikram takes the wrong and tells that everyone praised me and my son. He says Mr. Kapoor said that Ranbir is a good dancer. He says so I have decided that Ranbir will not be part of his company. He says I thought he shall concentrate on dance, I am here to handle the business. He asks Rhea to call Ranbir and says even he shall know what I think about him. Rhea says but. Vikram says go and get him. Rhea goes. Prachi asks what happened Ranbir, why dad is saying this? Ranbir says whatever you hear will be strange for you, but you have to support me. He says I have hurt Papa in this process, I am selfish. Prachi asks how can you be selfish, and says parents shower all their sacrifices for their children, it is wrong for children to be selfish. Ranbir says Papa will understand this later that this is good, my way is wrong and not my selfishness. He says I will give him double the happiness and says he wants one thing for this, which is your support. He asks will you support me? Prachi is about to give her hand in his hand, when Rhea comes there and takes him with her, saying dad is calling him.

Vikram says my son has come. Stanley thinks Ranbir sir would have told him this after the party. Pallavi tries to stop Vikram. Vikram says apple of my eyes, and asks him to say if he is his proud father. Dida asks what happened to Vikram. Stanley says Ranbir sir got Vikram sir’s project shelved. Ranbir says I know you are upset. Vikram says upset and laughs. He asks him to answer, if he shall be proud of him. He says I was proud of you, but you snatched this feeling from me. He says today is the big day for me, as today is my wife’s birthday. He says I don’t want Pallavi’s birthday to get spoiled because of him. He says third person can’t interfere in their happiness, not even their own children. He says we might have failed as parents, but not as married couple. He says I will not fail you as a husband. He says party will continue and my son’s doing will not affect it. Ranbir says sorry and says I am not a bad son, I love you, mom and everyone in my family. He asks Pallavi not to get upset and says it is your birthday. Vikram asks Dida to ask DJ to play music. Dida asks DJ to start. Vikram begins dances and takes Pallavi to dance. Sweetheart song plays…..Rhea holds Ranbir’s hand and dances with him forcibly. Prachi looks on. Rhea pretends to feel vomiting sensation and goes. Vikram dances with Dida and Ranbir. Ranbir comes to Prachi and holds her hand. They dance on the song mangawa dua mein….Rhea gets upset. Vikram and others clap. Rhea goes from there and drinks wine. Aaliya says if anyone sees then? Rhea says didn’t you see. Aaliya says I am fed up of hearing this and says Prachi will be humiliated with the plan, you have made for her.

Prachi comes to Ranbir and asks him to say. He says I will not say, if I say then it will be a lie. Prachi asks how will you say truth then? Ranbir says I am tensed. Prachi says I know. He says I am liking if you are worried seeing me worried. Prachi smiles. He asks her to smile and says I like it, may be my tension will go with your smile. Prachi says how I will smile and asks him to say. He says I will tell you a truth and you shall tell me your truth, one truth in exchange of other. Prachi gets in dilemma. Ranbir looks at her. He says just one truth.

Dida tells Stanley that she knows Ranbir, and says I don’t think that project is shelved due to Ranbir. Stanley says Ranbir sir will have some benefit. Shahana asks what is his big advantage in this loss, and asks him to say. Dida asks Vikram what is he doing? She says you are pretending to be happy. Vikram says you don’t know what Ranbir has done and says he is silent due to Pallavi’s birthday party. Dida asks what happened? Vikram says it is my mistake to give my dream project in Ranbir’s hands, and tells that the guy who couldn’t handle his personal life, how can he handle business.

Prachi says I will tell you my truth and says I know that you can’t do the loss mistakenly and says it was intention. He asks will you believe me? He says I will not leave you and will not let you, as you are my identity, name and work. He says seeing you is like seeing my life, when you are not near me, I don’t live, just take the breath. She says it is your perception, and says in my perception, we are two tracks of trains which can never meet. Ranbir gets sad.

Precap: Aaliya tries to pacify Rhea. Rhea asks her to stop it and asks her not to say anything. She says nothing will be fine, and says what will happen, is Prachi’s baby and he will come in this world and my identity will be wiped from this world. She says Ranbir’s dream has been fulfilled, he wants to become father by Prachi’s child and he got it and my life is ruined.