Kumkum Bhagya 1st August 2022 Written Episode Update: Ranbir and Prachi share a moment

Kumkum Bhagya 1st August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

The Episode starts with Ranbir asking Pallavi if she (Prachi) agreed to have laddoo when I asked once. She says no, and that’s why she lied to her to make her eat healthy laddoo. She says she will not feel bad and will make her have it anyhow. She fools Ranbir and says I used to say that you will become superhero if you drink milk, and asks did you become? No. Ranbir apologizes to think wrong and asks her to take care of Prachi. Pallavi says I have learnt from my mistakes and will take care of her. She says I couldn’t be a good saas and a mother, and says if I had become, then would have got this happiness long back. She apologizes to him. Ranbir says these happiness will last long. He hugs her. Pallavi says I wish the happiness shall get my age. Rhea hears them and thinks if she is doing drama or saying in reality, I just hope all this love is to get that baby. Pallavi says my son…and asks him not to make her emotional, and asks him to go to Prachi. She says if Prachi doesn’t see you then she will get stressed. Ranbir goes. Pallavi shouts Rhea. Rhea comes infront of her. Pallavi asks what shall I do, to make you understand and asks her to trust her and not to keep eye on her, she says she don’t like it a bit.

Ranbir comes to Prachi, Aryan and Mili and asks what are they talking about him. Aryan says lets play a game of truth and dare. Mili says lets play, we will get a chance to know about each other. Prachi says we can play. Ranbir asks Prachi to have laddoo and says I will make you eat it. Mili says don’t care so much Ranbir, that my husband expectations will increase. Aryan smiles. Shahana is also there and jokes. Aryan says I am getting tumor with your humor. Ranbir asks him to say some good joke, but first swirl the bottle. First Mili turns comes. She chooses dare. Ranbir says I will ask her. Aryan says I will ask her. Ranbir says ok, and says he might ask me why did I give dare to his girlfriend. Aryan gets up and asks Mili to kiss him. Mili says you thought of your advantage. He bends a bit so that she kisses on his forehead. He says Mili is the winner. Next Shahana’s turn comes. Shahana chooses truth. Aryan says you are saved, else I would have thought about dare. Mili asks who was your first boyfriend. Shahana says nobody. Prachi teases her. Aryan turns comes and he chooses truth? Ranbir says your question is that you was your first girlfriend. Aryan says his first girlfriend was in college, but there is a sad news, she didn’t know. He looks at Shahana. Ranbir asks him to swirl the bottle. Prachi’s turn comes. Ranbir asks truth or dare? She chooses truth. Aryan and Mili argue that they will ask. Ranbir says I am husband, so I have first right. He says I know everything about her so shall ask. He says secrets come out during this time. He asks Prachi if she loves him even now. Prachi looks at him. He says you have to say the truth. Rhea looks at them from far. Shahana smiles. Just then rain starts. Everyone walk inside the house. Aryan says why the rain started suddenly. Mili asks if I will get separate room, or shall share with anyone. Aryan says you can share with me. Shahana asks Mili to come with her. She takes her to her room. Ranbir is going behind Prachi. Aryan asks where are you going? Ranbir says I am going behind Prachi. Aryan says Shahana took my Mili. Ranbir says this is family house and not hostel. He asks him to let him go. Aryan lets him go and sees Rhea standing.

Ranbir comes to Prachi’s room. She turns and her hair hit on his face. He says you was killing me with your hair, first with eyes and then hair. She says why do you think so. He says you might have seen a film. Prachi says you might have seen revenge drama film. He says you was taking revenge from me, as you thought that if you don’t give answer then will lose, and that’s why attacked me with your hair. Prachi says she don’t want to answer. Aryan says nobody will hear you again and says it is a game. Prachi says do you think that I was hitting you. He says yes and says he got the mark too. She throws towel on him. He says this is not Ranbir. She comes back and holds his cheeks. She says I was smelling, if you are drunk. He says I thought what you thought some seconds back. He asks her not to stare, as his saying will prove right that first she kills with her eyes and then with her hair. She asks him to go. Ranbir says I will go and says I thought you are going to kiss me. She turns to him. He says I am going and falls down while trying to go. She smiles. He asks if you want to laugh, it is a funny thing your husband fell down. Prachi asks him to get up and says if you do talk like owl and fall like foolish then anyone will get laugh. She says this is karma. He holds her and kisses on her cheeks. Music plays….

Aryan comes to Rhea. Rhea asks how are you? Aryan says I am fine and asks what happened, you seems to be stressed. Rhea says atleast someone has felt that I am stressed. She says we are brother and sister, and brought up together. She says you have a wonderful life ahead. He asks if you have problem with my life. Rhea says Dad used to love me a lot. He says yes, you was world to him. She says Mom never loved or cared for me, she always loved Prachi, it seems like she had given birth to her only. Aryan asks what happened? Rhea says you came for Prachi’s godh bharayi, danced and played dhol, congratulated Prachi for her pregnancy. She says you didn’t wish me, as I am also married and pregnant. Aryan says I didn’t know and says if I had known then would have played dhol and danced for you first. Rhea hugs and thanks him. She says it is done at the happiest moment. He says you are married and pregnant. She says no, it is two different things. He says I want to know everything. Rhea hugs him and cries. He says I will make everything fine. Rhea says I am Ranbir’s wife just like Prachi and I am going to be his baby’s mother like Prachi. Aryan is shocked.

Precap: Prachi says here game is not going on here, Ranbir. Ranbir says you can lie in game, but not here. He asks do you love me even now. She says yes. He gets happy. Later she cries and says I was moving towards Ranbir and thought about him, which I shall not do, he is my sister’s husband. She says I can’t come between them. Rhea and Pallavi hear and get happy. Prachi tells Shahana that she shall leave the house. Pallavi gets worried.