Kumkum Bhagya 8th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Ranbir confronts Prachi for her hatred towards him

Kumkum Bhagya 8th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

The Episode starts with Dida coming to her room and sees Ranbir sitting on the floor. Ranbir says he was restless and emotional. He blames himself for snatching Prachi happiness and peace. He says Prachi don’t complain about this, and did opposite of it. He says she has taken care of Rhea, as she is unwell and doing decoration of Mummy’s birthday. He says she always takes care of you and asks why anyone can be so good. He says if someone does bad with me, then I wouldn’t have stand infront of that person. He says Prachi is good and her concern for Rhea was from her heart, and treated Rhea nicely as she is pregnant with my child, then why she doesn’t behave nicely with me, if I am bad. Prachi comes there and hears him and cries. Ranbir turns and looks at her. He asks why do you hate me, your hatred for Rhea changed into love and asks if I am not your husband. You didn’t break relation with her, but just with me, why?

Pallavi comes to the room. Aaliya says Rhea is in bathroom. Rhea comes out and thinks her saas is after her. Pallavi tells that she talked to the doctor and she said that it is absolutely fine. She asks her to take rest well. She asks how was the soup. Rhea says it was horrible and says neither soup nor her behavior is digestible. She says she don’t want Prachi to take care of her. Aaliya says Prachi might do something in jealousy. Pallavi says I don’t have that feeling, atleast for Rhea’s child and says you both are just over thinking. Aaliya says we should go and let Rhea rest. Pallavi asks her to go. Aaliya and Pallavi go out. Aaliya comes back and Rhea to behave nicely with Pallavi and don’t be irritated with her. Rhea says ok.

Ranbir asks Prachi, why he hates him? Prachi goes from there. He goes behind her and says if you hate me then you shall hate Rhea too. He says Rhea is your sister and asks if I am nothing to you. He says when you can talk to her nicely then why can’t you talk to me nicely. Prachi says enough and says there is a difference between blood relations and kumkum relations. Ranbir says God makes the jodis. Prachi says we have to fulfill the relations, but we have to live the blood relations. Ranbir says my breath is related to you. Prachi says to fulfill love, we have to keep the love alive, which you will not understand. She hurts her leg. Ranbir lifts her to take her to room.

Vikram comes home. Pallavi says you came home. Vikram says you are going to see me super happy. He talks about his dream project and thanks her for giving him son like ranbir. He says he is working good and adding stars to his project. He says I want to retire and give work stress to him. Pallavi asks him not to give him stress. Prachi asks Ranbir to keep her down. Ranbir asks why did you wear heel? She says she was hit by the table. Shahana looks at them. Prachi asks her not to think wrong. Ranbir says he is taking care of Prachi, as he loves her very much. He takes her to room and makes her sit on the bed. He asks in this condition, and says I mean she shall not wear heels, but flat slippers. He asks Shahana to bring flat slippers. Shahana goes. Ranbir asks Prachi to drink water. She refuses and says don’t think what are you thinking. Ranbir says we are good married couple and I know that you know it. Prachi asks him to leave. He says I will lie down on the bed. Prachi says you are not my husband? Ranbir asks if I am not your husband then why you have applied sindoor and mangalsutra. He asks her to show the divorce papers. She says she likes fashion. He asks her to prove that he is not her husband. He asks her not to make him angry and says you are my wife.

He says you can’t prove that I am not your husband, you can’t prove in any of the births. Prachi says I have to give him answer, wearing heels. She goes behind him. Ranbir turns to her and makes her hair behind her ear. She asks what is he doing? Ranbir says admiring you. He looks at her heels and makes her sit on his lap. She asks what are you doing? He says you will not wear these heels and takes it. Prachi asks what did he think of himself. Shahana sees them and hides. Ranbir thinks she will turn and look at me, she will come back to me. He says turn…Prachi turns to him and again goes back to him. Shahana thinks what is going on. Prachi knocks on the door. Ranbir asks her to come in. He says I don’t want any argument and says I don’t want you to wear heels. Prachi asks why I shall not wear? He thinks you are pregnant. He says if you wear then Rhea will also want to wear it. He says I don’t want you to wear it, so that Rhea don’t wear it. Prachi says it is a lame excuse and calls him shameless to laugh. He asks what did I do? Prachi says Rhea is pregnant with your child. Ranbir says I want to fulfill my third dream with you and want our baby to call me Bau ji. He says I want we shall have our love memory too, and tells that his feelings was truthful. Prachi says you are not my husband. Ranbir says I will never divorce you and wants to be called as your husband. Prachi asks what will happen with your Rhea then? Rhea comes there and says Rhea will have a baby which will the sign of Rhea and Ranbir’s love. Ranbir and Prachi look at her. Rhea asks Prachi, what she was doing, if she was impressing Ranbir. She asks if you wanted to snatch my baby’s father from me, and says I know that I am thinking right and goes. Prachi blames Ranbir for this. Ranbir asks why can’t you talk to me nicely.

Shahana thinks she likes Ranbir and Prachi’s fight, it is cute. She sees Stanley coming out of room. She is about to fall. Stanley is about to hold her. Shahana scolds him and says she hates guys. Stanley says I understood, and says I like progressive society. He says love can happen with anyone, and has no boundaries. Shahana asks what is he doing here? Stanley says he is going to stay here for a project, sir ordered. Shahana says Prachi asked her to stay for a project. He says we are on the same board. Shahana goes.

Prachi tries to stop Rhea, who pretends to go out of the house. Prachi stops her. Rhea says I asked you to leave, but you didn’t. She says someone has to go and that’s why I am leaving. She says sautans can’t stay in the same house and that’s why I am leaving.

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