Kundali Bhagya 13th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Preeta questions Arjun

Kundali Bhagya 13th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Preeta blames he is trying to copy Karan in each and every thing, what did he think that he would look cool like karan when he dresses like him, she says it is not that easy to be like him mentioning she saw his room and felt that everything is according to the desire of karan, but there is still one thing that will always remain different and it is his face, Arjun replies that even when their face is different they both would always remain the same, Preeta questions who is he when he mentions he is Arjun but she says he seems to be a psycho fan of karan, she turns to leave so he tries to stop her but in the process tears her sarree, she runs away crying recalling how Karan would always say the same thing to her. Karan wonders what has he done as he must always speak after thinking about what he is saying since he is now Arjun.
Rishab while looking for Shristhi asks if she has seen Preeta, Shristhi replies that she did not think of caring for her when she was with him, and Preeta also gave her teaching about checking the mobiles of other people, Rishab replies because she thinks Sameer is having an affair even then it is not right to check the phones, Shristhi in anger asks if Preeta di already told him, he replies then what is the problem. She coming to him exclaims they must end the conversation and even Sameer, Shristhi mentions she thinking she should not have married Sameer since he doesnot have any understanding, he replies that it is not necessary in marriage but they both have the same feelings for each other, Shristhi exclaims even then if he had a little understanding then it would have been nice. Rishab asks if he can say something, he mentions that where there is true love then there is no need for sacrifices as they come out with intent, but even the children are intelligent since everything is available on the internet and so she must first love, Shristhi exclaims even then he should not have given her such a lecture when Rishab leaves replying that she is their own so he has to explain it to her.

Shristhi manages to see Sameer talking with the other guests, she tries to follow but he leaves when she thinks that she is not going to be close with him but wants to give him back the mobile otherwise both Rishab and Preeta would scold her,

Rishab is trying his best to console Preeta but she is crying and constantly saying that something is wrong, she informs that her sarree got ruined so she went to the washroom and went to the room of Arjun, it is exactly like the room of karan, she starts fumbling when he assures, he doesnot want to hear anything when she explains that his clothes were the same as karan. Rishab assures he is going to be with her, she tries taking the name of Arjun who assures he can understand. Karan standing in the corner thinks he would not let Rishab stand in front of Preeta.

Arjun walking towards them asks if they called him when Preeta in anger replies he is not always important, Arjun goes to Anjali inquiring if she called him, she replies she forgot the reason.
Rishab pulls Arjun who asks if he needs to talk about something, Rishab informs he is really calm and composed and doesnot get angry easily but everyone advises him that it is not easy to be composed and Arjun is trying to find out about him, he reacts even if anything doesnot happen according to his desires so Rishab warns him to not test his patience.

Arjun request Rishab to not treat him as a kid when Rishab replies he is a kid and he gets irritated, Arjun questions why is he treating him like this when they do not know each other personally, Rishab replies he knew Karan who was like it and he in fact was impulsive, Rishab apologizes to Arjun if he felt bad because Karan refused to work with him. Arjun walking away says he cannot understand why Preeta married him.

Preeta stops Anjali questioning how can she work for someone like Arjun since he is not at all a nice person and really impulsive, she even offers her a good position if she doesnot feel like working with Arjun. Anjali replies it is not at all like that because she likes working for him, she instead questions Preeta why did she marry Rishab.

Rishab walking over to Arjun questions what did he meant by it, he should not trust anything that is written on the social media since they usually are those people who do not have anything important in their own lives, he doesnot have to explain anything to them. Arjun apologizes and even Rishab does the same.

Preeta asks how can Anjali ask her such question since they both are not that close and she is not her friend, Anjali gets a call from someone, she immediately informs Arjun that it is about to be 9:30, he calls Rishab informing him that he needs to wait.

Sameer is standing when he stops the waiter asking him to see if a girl is looking at him in anger, he agrees but mentions she doesnot seem angry at all. Shristhi is about to place the mobile when Anjali informs Sameer about it, Shristhi is shocked at this, questioning why is Anjali interfering in the matters of a husband and wife as she can do anything she desires with her husband’s mobile, Anjali blames that she doesnot trust her husband so is insecure, Shristhi replies she doesnot feel like it but thinks Anjali is that sort of a girl as her boyfriend might have left her, Anjali and Shristhi get in a quarrel while Sameer tries to calm the situation, Shristhi replies if she had loved anyone then would not be around her husband, she should be the PA of Arjun and not interfere between a husband and wife. Anjali blames Shristhi for always fighting, she questions who is she, he calls Preeta to come and stop the argument. She forcefully pulls Shristhi away when Sameer apologizes to her, she questions how can he bear her, Sameer exclaims because he loves her so this is not something to be worried about.

Bi jee is with Kavya when she after some time explains she is really bored so wants to go and be with her parents, Bi jee informs that her parents would come back after the party ends but Kavya requests her to scold her father, Preeta questions Shristhi why is she so possessive about Sameer as she loves him and then should have at least some trust on him, Shristhi is not even able to explain herself and runs away when Rishab approaches. Preeta receives a call from Kavya informing that Dadi is really angry with Rishab so wants to scold him, Preeta hands him the phone when Bi jee mentions how she is really angry with him and if he was near her then she might have slapped him, Rishab ends the call. He leaves without taking the phone of Preeta.

Karan walking over to the phone is amazed seeing the name of dadi so answers the call, he immediately ends it thinking how would she be able to recognize who is Arjun, as he used to tease her a lot but cannot do anything now because of Preeta, he exclaims all of his relations have fallen apart because of her so now he would do the same to her, he vows to tease her to the extent that she is no longer able to bear it.