Kundali Bhagya 21st July 2022 Written Episode Update: Arjun pays to have Rishab Luthra murdered

Kundali Bhagya 21st July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Rishab enters the office when the entire staff wishes him one by one, Rishab thinks that Arjun might become a lot of problem for him but until he is standing to protect his family then nothing can happen to them, the employee comes informing that he tried his best to stop Arjun, Rishab replies that he knows the employee is not at fault so he must not be worried when Rishab said that he ordered them to talk with him politely but if he doesnot listen then they can do whatever they desire. He even calls the guards who with a smile informing they would talk with him politely but if he doesnot listen even then they would call the police. Rishab exclaims Arjun should not be allowed to enter this office.

Sameer is walking down the stairs in a hurry when Rakhi questions what happened, she replies that he should make sure Preeta doesnot find out about it as she is already really tensed, Sameer leaves assuring he would not tell her anything, Shristhi coming from behind questions Rakhi why does she still care for Arjun when he misbehaved with Preeta, Rakhi replies she cares for a lot of people but Preeta is most important and she doesnot have any idea why she feels as if she knows Arjun, it is really strange because even when he leaves she is just thinking about him, it is just because her heart said it to her so she is really worried about what might happen because of the problems in the life of Preeta and Arjun. Shristhi exclaims even she was not able to sleep the entire last night as she gets nice vibes from him but doesnot know what is the problem with Preeta so she was just thinking about it which made her feel more tensed. Rakhi and Shristhi are stunned seeing the storm so she advises her to close all the window.

Arjun is driving the car really fast while Anjali is following him, she thinks that she doesnot know what is going on as he seemed more tensed, Arjun driving the car thinks that every time he wants to sort out things Rishab tends to hurt him emotionally but he is not going to let him make the same mistake twice, he exclaims that every time Rishab wrongs him but this time, he is going to make sure Rishab is not left to do anything wrong. Anjali thinks that she cannot let him get angry with her, she instructs the driver to make sure they cross the signal otherwise they would lose Arjun. He however stops the car so she panics.

Rakhi is stunned seeing the Malla has dropped from the photo of Karan, she wonders what is happening and thinks if this is just coincidence or a sign. Shristhi also comes to stand beside her so Rakhi asks if she also thinks that karan is still alive and around them, Shristhi replies she doesnot think like that but feels they should accept the advice of Pandit jee and not put the Malla on Karan’s photo, Rakhi replies she constantly feels as if karan is still around her and even today in the morning she felt the same while doing the pooja but he never came, she then found out that Arjun came to their house. Shristhi exclaims she cannot understand what does Arjun want from them when Bi jee walking towards the hall exclaims she can not understand the rain in Mumbai. She inquires why do they both seem tensed. Shristhi explains that she told her about Arjun who bought the entire kit of Karan but he keeps on teasing Preeta which has caused a lot of problems for her, Rishab then instructed the guards to not let him inside the house after which he went to the office, Bi jee exclaims she would teach him a lesson because he is coming after Preeta, Shristhi replies that she did not mean like that when Bi jee replies she knows it from her experience. Bi jee is about to leave when Rakhi requests them both to not tell anything to Preeta since she might get worried, Bi jee agrees when Preeta hears them from the corner.

Rishab in the office exclaims he is not going to leave Arjun because he tried to harm his family so he is going to take revenge from him, Preeta call him mentioning that Arjun came to the office, Rishab asks how does she know about it when she replies that she knew that he is not a nice person and would try to harm them, Rishab requests her to not constantly talk about that person since he is now tired when she replies she is still worried about what might happen because he is not a nice person and might try to harm them, Rishab replies he is going to handle it all and would take care of all the situations so she must not be worried, Preeta explains she is worried about him because Arjun already harmed them emotionally but might also do it physically. Rishab is glad that she cares for them but he would take care of Arjun.

Arjun enters the bar where two people are challenging each other to a drinking competition when Arjun stands beside them and he is shocked to see Arjun so immediately helps him sit down on the bench, Arjun explains that he has given five times more money for this and so wants them to kill Rishab Luthra. They both are shocked but assure of doing it tomorrow as who cares if he dies today or tomorrow, Arjun puts back the money saying he can hire someone else. Arjun is about to leave when they stop him explaining his work would be completed on time, he even agrees to show Arjun the live video of the murder so he can also enjoy. They are shocked but then rush when he replies it is time for Rishab to leave his office.

Arjun wonders how can he watch the Luthra’s ruin so he buys the office that is next to Luthra industries. Anjali enters the office when the employees there greet her so she is shocked. She calls Arjun questioning where is he as she reached the office, he turning on the computer asks her to take the left from the end of the corridor to reach his office. He opens the door when she entering questions what is he doing here, he replies it was not nice of her to follow him, Anjali explains that she lost him at the end. She inquires what is he thinking, he going to the window shows her the office of Luthra industries mentioning that he bought this office so he can keep an eye on Rishab.

Arjun leaves the office when there is a call which Anjali answer, she is shocked to hear the person explaining that Rishab has come out of his office and they are waiting for him to arrive so they can murder him, Anjali sees through the window when he informs there is a girl looking from his office, she tries to stop him but he ends the call. Arjun enters the office and is shocked seeing that she has answered his calls, Anjali questions what is wrong with him as he hired people to murder his own brother, Arjun in anger questions what kind of brother is he, as he murdered his own younger brother so he can marry his wife, Arjun is furious while Anjali is shocked.