Kundali Bhagya 25th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Preeta slaps Arjun in the hospital

Kundali Bhagya 25th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Rakhi gets out of the car saying they all can come back, Preeta and Shristhi also follow Rakhi while even Dadi is not able to stay back, Shristhi questions why is Sameer still in the office when he should be with Rishab but he was not there to help him, Preeta explains Sameer stayed back because Rishab had to go and pick kavya, Mahesh calls Shristhi and Dadi as the traffic has been opened.

The Luthra’s reach the hospital when they ask at the reception about Rishab, nurse replies how can they all not know about him since there was a lot of drama, she asks for the wife of Rishab so she can fill the formality, Preeta questions why did they not fill the formalities.

Mahesh is walking with his family when Dadi tries to enter the operation theater, he manages to stop her asking what is she trying to do but then Rakhi also enters, the doctor is stunned about what is going on, Shristhi assures of bringing Rakhi out of the room, Rakhi inquires what has happened to her son but the doctor exclaims what to do they think of him, he threatens to leave while they all can stay here as even Arjun created a lot of drama while even threatening them to get Rishab admitted, they all apologize before leaving. Mahesh asks what has happened to them both as their behavior would only cause problems for them all, Mahesh requests her to stop crying assuring Rishab would get healthy as the doctors are doing their job, Arjun walks towards them from the corner, they all are stunned seeing him and Mahesh also stands in front of him, he is just looking at Rakhi but is then forced to turn away. Preeta while running towards them is stunned seeing Arjun, she recalls the news which she saw on her mobile so walking angrily towards she slaps Arjun, without giving him any chance to explain, they all are stunned.

Vishnu asks his mother if she prayed, he explains that he is his brother when his friend asks what is all this, Vishnu asks if he did not hear what Arjun said because his eyes were filled with anger so if anything happens to Rishab, he is going to find them and kill them at any cost. He explains but even then he has taken the threat seriously, he saw that he said it with heart to pray for Rishab, he knows Bhagwan would not accept their prayers as they are not nice people but his mother is an innocent soul, Anjali enters the hospital where she sees Vishnu standing, she recognizes his voice from the call and so slaps him, Vishnu questions what is this slap for when Anjali exclaims that he is the one who hit Rishab and so how can they do such a thing, Sameer catches her as she is about to fall so questions what happened, she replies she felt really uncomfortable as they were passing by him, he is stunned by how people can behave, he asks what is she doing here, she informs that she is here because of Arjun.

Preeta asks Arjun if he is going to tell them the truth, she reveals that Rishab jee got in an accident because of him, she is sure that he is behind it because of some past grudge which he has against their family, did he think they would not find out the truth because she saw him at the accident site, it was not a coincidence since she herself saw him, Preeta questions why is not clarifying himself as it can be seen he is guilty, Preeta vows to get him punished, Anjali tries to interfere but Preeta in anger warns her to not try and explain on his behalf since he is a murderer, the doctor comes out of the operation theater, Anjali exclaims it is enough but he stops her before leaving. The doctor questions what is she doing since he is the person who brought Rishab to the hospital, they were told he had to bring him on his shoulder because of the traffic and Arjun was also the one who had given the blood to Rishab in order to protect his life, he insisted on donating more than the prescribed limit, she should be glad he saved the life of Rishab. Preeta along with the entire Luthra family is shocked.

Arjun and Anjali are walking when she explains that Preeta slapped him, he exclaims he doesnot like tears in her eyes, revealing he never liked tears in the eyes on any girl revealing he was raised amongst women so knows how sensitive they are so she should stop crying, Anjali once again explains she did not like when Preeta slapped him, he asks what can they do about it, Arjun reveals it was his mistake that Rishab got admitted to this hospital but she is not wrong, he assures he did not forget any of the past memories so he is surely going to take his revenge from them both but he just wants to get out of this hospital as he is feeling really vulnerable so she must call the car.

Shristhi explains that he saved the life of Rishab but she slapped, Sameer tries to go and call him but Dadi stops him saying she doesnot feel he would come back as she saw the pain in his eyes because of Preeta’s slap, Karina coming says that she found out the entire truth so believes Preeta cannot mend her ways. Shristhi asks if she doesnot think that her first question should be to ask about Rishab, Karina coming to Shristhi asks her to stop as this is a hospital, she should have to question her sister. Kritika asks what is Shristhi saying since she must know that Arjun is the one who saved her from the goons.

Karina goes to Preeta explaining she never was against her but Preeta does something that is against her family, Mahesh stops Karina explaining Preeta is not wrong as her relation with Arjun was never fine and she had to face a lot because of him, it was not her fault that she slapped Arjun. Mahesh exclaims that it is about what is right and wrong.

Rakhi is searching for Arjun when she sees him drinking water, she immediately goes to kiss his hand leaving him stunned when he asks what is she doing, she explains that she lost half of her life with Karan’s passing but today he managed to save the life of a mother by protecting her son, she explains Karan was not like Rishab who is calm and composed but mothers tend to love such children whom they have to take care off, she explains if anything happened to Rishab then the sense of being a mother would have been taken from her, Arjun assures that nothing would ever happen to her and Rishab until he is there to protect her, they both hug each other when Rakhi is crying, Anjali is also moved to see them hugging each other, he assures everything would be fine but she must not cry. Anjali signals that the car has arrived, he says he has to leave but she requests him to wait for some time as it would feel nice but he says he has some important work, Rakhi exclaims even he is the love of someone’s eyes so must leave without any worry.

Karina is constantly peeking in the operation theater when Dadi asks why is she doing it again and again as it might cause problems in the treatment, Rakhi asks if she certainly thinks she herself can do anything which would harm Rishab.

Sameer exclaims it has been very long since Rakhi Chachi returned, Mahesh mentions she might have gone to the Mandir but Preeta suggests she would have gone to Arjun as he saved Rishab and she slapped him, Dadi is glad she realized her mistake. Shristhi requests her to let go of this topic as they all got panicked after hearing the news about Rishab and she is his wife so would have surely gotten tensed so in that situation panicked, Kritika exclaims she slapped him, Preeta gets shocked.