Kundali Bhagya 26th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Karina scolds Preeta in the hospital

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Karina asks if she thinks only Preeta cares for Rishab and he doesnot mean anything to them, Sameer explains that Rishab means a lot to them but they donot have any relation to Arjun, Kritika then asks what relation does Arjun have with them, Shristhi replies that she doesnot care about him and hates him so there is no point in this discussion. Karina coming to Sameer asks if he is saying this with his own mind or because Shristhi said this as he doesnot use his own brain. Dadi stops them both explaining this is a hospital and they can talk about it in the house, Karina exclaims that she is only stopping because Dadi asked her to otherwise would reveal their truth right now in front of everyone, Mahesh with a taunt exclaims he is glad she left this topic, she asks he is saying as if it is all just her fault.

The doctor comes out explaining that everything is fine and Rishab is awake, they all rush into the room. Karina at once turns back after seeing him when he asks what happened and why is she crying, she goes there to hug him followed by everyone, Dadi asks them all to see how she is emotional here but was shouting outside, Mahesh exclaims this is how Karina is as both Rishab and Karan are in her heart. Rishab after a while mentions he feels that only she missed him as no one else even came forward for a hug, they all one by one hug Rishab so he also demands the hug, hearing which Preeta gets nervous but Shristhi leans forward expressing how much she loves him, Rishab asks Sameer to go and ask the doctor to discharge him since he wishes to be in his own house, Shristhi immediately stands up but then Mahesh replies the doctor said he is out of danger but Rishab cannot go back home, he replies he knows about his own body so wants a discharge. Rishab threatens to fire him if he doesnot follow the orders, Sameer mentions he wished to take a leave for so long but then will go on his honeymoon. Rishab says he would send him to the Antarctic branch, Sameer hearing this rushes to meet the doctor.

Rishab asks Preeta why is she standing there quietly when Karina informs, she scolded her because of what she did, Preeta mentions it was her mistake as she thought he got in the accident because of Arjun so she slapped him, Rishab replies it is not the case and he is innocent, he reveals he got in the accident because of his own mistake and saw that Arjun was asking for help and he himself brought Rishab to the hospital. Sameer once again enters the room, Rishab questions what did the doctor. Sameer at first speaks in a tensed voice but then informs that he has been given the clean chit and they can take him home.

Anjali and Arjun enter the house when Snedha informs that someone is here to meet him, Bi jee stands up from the couch, he seeing her immediately recalls when he would call her as his second girlfriend and have a lot of fun with her, she in anger exclaims he is the one who has ruined the lives of everyone, Arjun just kneels to take her blessings before hugging Bi jee with all his might, she is left stunned when he immediately asks how is she girlfriend, she is stunned so replies that she cannot be his girlfriend as she was the only the girlfriend of Karan, Arjun asks her to think over it as he would be a very suitbale boyfriend whom she is going to miss, Bi jee getting emotional questions why is he talking so much as she came to scold him but now is just able to give him blessings and show her love, he once again hugs her mentioning this is what he had really missed, she asks what does he mean so he informs that the entire Luthra family came to his party but she did not come, Bi jee replies she had to stay back with Kavya. Bi jee warns him to not tease Preeta as she will stand against him, he also asks her to go and tell Preeta to not tease him anymore. She replies he talks like karan; Arjun exclaims now they both would make a lot of memories together.
Bi jee calls Arjun close explaining that she doesnot like the girl Snedha as she has a crush on him so he must send her away, she exclaims she is going to leave but he calls the driver to get ready the car, Arjun himself sees her off at the door.

Arjun comes back when Anjali asks what did she whisper in his ears, Snedha asks what did she say in his ears, he informs that she praised her clothes. Anjali inquires about the truth so he reveals she said that she doesnot like her, he leaves to freshen up.

Preeta is in the room when Rishab knocks on the door, she immediately asks him to come and rest on the bed but he sits on the couch. Rishab asks her if anything happened to her since she seems worried. He asks her to come and sit down, she explains that she never felt like when Arjun was around her and even his words seemed like a threat for which she warned him, so when she saw him at the accident site it just made her furious. She then slapped him in the hospital not knowing he was the one who saved his life so when she would have been holding her hand to thank him for his help, she instead did the opposite. Rishab exclaims this means that a thankyou would correct everything, she asks how would it happen, Rishab assures he would take care of it all and she can not worry about it, he tries to lie down on the couch when she asks him to come and sleep on the bed but he replies he has gotten used to this posture. Rishab whispers he is glad of the goons as she is now caring for him, she asks if he said anything when he instead questions if she heard it, Preeta exclaims that she actually heard it all. She rushes to take out a blanket for him when he exclaims, he really likes it when he gets a little attention and care. She turns back in sadness. Rishab thinks he feels as if he has an old connection with Arjun who always comes on the right time, he thanks Arjun for all the help.

Arjun sitting in the room is holding a glass of wine, recalling the slap of Preeta in the hospital. He thinks how she said he was present at the accident site, he stands in anger going to take out the photo from the drawer. Arjun exclaims he felt weak at the moment as he thought that he had lost him but the pain which he gave him that night with Preeta seems to take over his emotions each and every time, he cannot forget his revenge. He recalls when Preeta thanked Rishab but he mentioned it was actually him, he tearing the photo vows to give them the punishment for their actions as this is a promise to himself.

In the morning Anjali thinks of not letting Arjun leave without eating the breakfast, she wonders who came at this time so opens it, she is shocked to see Vishnu and asks if he ahs once again come to take a slap, Vishnu replies he did the complete work of Arjun but has not been paid so the boss has himself come, she pushes him out but she is not able to close the door, Anjali sees Raja holding the door from outside, she gets scared.