Kundali Bhagya 28th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Rishab and Preeta reach the house of Arjun

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Rishab stops the car, he turning to Preeta asks if she is feeling nervous but she doesnot reply, he mentions she has done very big things then why is she getting worried but even then, he is going to be with her, Rishab starts smiling when she asks why is he looking at her like this, he says that he felt really nice seeing her trust in him, he exclaims it is not that and even Kavya thinks of him as a super hero.

Raja along with Vishnu and his men come out of the house, Raja exclaims they are not true criminals since they did not scare Arjun properly, they inform Raja that he had a gun in his hand and would have surely killed them with a single bullet. Vishnu mentions that he did not learn martial arts otherwise would have taken care of him, they are standing when Rishab gets out of the car, he while walking stands in front of raja seeing whom Vishnu immediately hides behind him, Rishab enters with Preeta when Raja questions why did he hold his hand, Vishnu explains that he was the same person Arjun gave them money to kill but now he has returned to meet him, Raja replies he doesnot know what is going on between them all.

Arjun is standing while Anjali is looking at him, he questions what is the matter that she is staring him, he showing the ring mentions he is already engaged. Anjali exclaims it is not a joke when he sitting explains that Nidhi would have killed her if she founds out what Anjali is doing, she explains they were criminals and would have harmed him, he asks why was she so scared as she knows Martial arts, she replies that she has not practiced in a long time when Arjun replies she should have told him as he would have made them stay so she can practice it, she asks what is this holding the gun in her hand, he says that it is a real gun which can kill anyone at once. Anjali asks him to give them all the money otherwise they would keep harming them, Arjun turning back replies he is not scared of such people.

Raja and Vishnu are walking when Bunty stops, raja reaching the car asks why is he standing there as he must come to drive the car, Bunty standing in front of Raja says Arjun would have been a better boss then him, his action and style is really amazing. Raja slapping him questions how did he like his style before ordering him to drive the car, Bunty falls down so Raja asks Vishnu to put him in the car while drive it himself. Raja sitting exclaims his own men went against him, he first gave them a task but then did not give the money so he would surely teach them both a lesson.

Arjun is standing when they hear the bell, Anjali thinks that they might have returned but Arjun keeps smiling, she asks the reason when he replies how he feels everything is going to be better, Anjali offers to open the door when he leaves saying she has already not practiced martial arts then he will check it. Arjun pens the door when Preeta is about to hit him, he is stunned seeing her while she also seems worried. Preeta explains that she just raised her hand to knock as she felt the bell was not working, Anjali also comes to stand beside Arjun, greeting Preeta. Rishab seeing Arjun ends the call.

Anjali asks how are they both feeling, he mentions much better than before. Arjun keeps on staring at Preeta. He asks if Arjun is not going to invite them inside the house. Anjali invites them so Rishab holding her hand takes Preeta inside the house, they are seated so Anjali asks what are they going to eat. Rishab replies water is just fine, Arjun says she must bring Faluda. Preeta recalls when Karan was with her and she did not know anything about it. Preeta says that she is sorry for what happened as she might have over reacted. Arjun explains so she slapped him as it was very convenient. Arjun explains that it happened twice first at the party where she danced with him but was furious on why did he show the play on Karan’s life, secondly at the hospital she did not seem to even listen to him which is not very nice of her. Rishab asks if he can say something, he explains Arjun reactions are sometimes very weird as he first ran away with Kavya, they thought she had been kidnapped but then found out he took her to the hospital, this was the same case at the party as he has lost a brother, Arjun doesnot know what it feels like but whenever he is around, Rishab feels as if they have a connection.

Rakhi standing in the hall is smiling, Karina questions what is the matter so Rakhi replies that Rishab and Preeta are about to come back from apologizing to Arjun, she would ask them both what happened. Rakhi ceases to smile seeing Mahesh, he asks the reason so she thought that Rishab and Preeta are about to arrive, Mahesh replies that the way she used to know when Karan was arriving doesnot work on them, she replies she saw the car of Rishab. Mahesh explains he took the car while Rishab went on the office car. Karina assures they both would come back really soon, Rakhi replies it is not that but she wanted to talk with them both urgently. Karina asks what did she want so Rakhi explains she wanted to ask for the contact number of Arjun as tomorrow is the anniversary of Rishab and Preeta so she felt like he should spend the time with them. She feels he might get busy in his meetings but she even asks Mahesh if she can invite him, Mahesh says she is asking as if she would not invite him if he disagrees. Rakhi says that it was her right to ask him, he says that he cannot understand how she is the best wife.

Arjun sitting explains they both have come to apologize so should get on with what they came here to do, Rishab explains he came here so he apologizes but Arjun replies that he did not slap him so the one who was wrong should seek the forgiveness. Arjun says he did not hear her properly, Preeta recalls what karan would do and she said that he would feel really bad when she is no longer around him. Preeta apologizes seeing which Arjun gets emotional and so exclaims he has forgiven her and would try his best to end this awkwardness between them. Rishab standing exclaims that he is really glad Arjun forgave him as the family is also really glad since he saved his life. Rishab hugs Arjun when he also feels emotional.

Arjun gets a call from an unknown number when he makes an excuse to answer it, Rakhi asks if he can come to their house tomorrow night, Arjun asks if she is going to invite him for a dinner, Rakhi assures she would also prepare the dinner but he would be invited to the celebration party of Rishab and Preeta as tomorrow is their anniversary, he gets furious hearing this so ends the call with a smile. Rishab exclaims that mom invited him to their anniversary party, Arjun assures he would come leaving all the tasks. He asks Anjali to bring an apple since he is really hungry, she questions why is he not eating the lunch. Preeta recalls how Karan would sit at the breakfast table eating only the apple, she feeling tensed starts walking towards the door, Arjun is constantly staring at her so Preeta after reaching the door turns to see him but then leaves.