Kundali Bhagya 28th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Karan vows to fulfill his plan

Kundali Bhagya 28th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Kavya is taking selfies with her friend, she then hands the mobile to the aunti, kavya seeing Rishab yells papa and so rushes to hug him, Kavya asks if she gave he kiss to Dadu when Rishab seeing her says he wants the kiss directly from her, Rishab standing exclaims that these moments are those in which he lives his whole life and Kavya is the gift from Bhagwan, Preeta leaves with Kavya mentioning that today they are going to go in his car, Rishab thinks he is not going to leave the person who was following Preeta jee since she got tensed and he doesnot give anyone the right to harm his family, Rishab tries to look for a camera but is not able to find one.

Karan stops the car i9n the market, he sees the bench so goes to sit on it thinking when Rishab requested him to come back as what is the point in sitting on the road, he even recalls when he gave Preeta the balloon for the valentines day, he then thinks when Preeta argued with him saying he did not even trust her for the efforts that she made to bring him out of the jail, but she said that Rishab is more composed then him, he immediately stands up thinking he cannot become emotional since they tend to be weak but he still loves his family however he would not leave those people who killed him till the last moment.

Aaliya is with the inspector revealing she has explained the entire situation to him and now he should file her missing report, inspector replies he cannot file it since the report would be filed after twenty-four hours, Aaliya explains they just arrived in Mumbai so he should rest, inspector suggests he might have left for some important work as it doesnot seem as if he is missing, Aaliya asks if he doesnot help her then the blame of his disappearance, the inspector warns her to not talk like this as these are the laws and they cannot change them, if he doesnot come back within twenty four hours then they would file the report.

Rakhi instructs Ganesh to prepare the paratha, Shristhi rushes down the stairs explaining she has been married to Sameer for a long time but he is not a good husband as he came late even yesterday, Rakhi explains that he already informed that he was busy with the work of auction so would get late, Shristhi replies even she is taking his side and hide his mistakes, she is such a sweet girl and he married her by making her feel emotional but he doesn’t even care for her, Rakhi requests her to not lie since she saw from the start that he cares a lot for her, Shristhi explains that he would not have said today since he doesnot remember what she made this Sunday as she cooked his favorite Kulche and even then he forgot meaning his memory is not even of one week, Rakhi replies she is once again lying as he remembers it all. Rakhi requests her to accept that he loves her a lot as she is her younger doll, Shristhi rejoices with her but insists that she accepts Sameer was wrong. Rakhi agrees with her so Shristhi kisses her mentioning she is glad Rakhi is one her side and loves her more then him, Shristhi mentions that just as they have second home but she is her mother, she really misses maa but Rakhi fulfills it. Rakhi replies she can never take her position but can surely give the same love, Rakhi asks if they prepare the lunch.

Kritika enters the house when kavya coming from behind explains she saw her and then asked Papa to drive fast but he is a coward and doesnot drive fast, Rishab replies she is making fun of him when she asks if he heard what she was saying but Rishab replies that he knows what she would be saying, Kavya explains he drives like a snail but Rishab replies the reason is she sits with him on the front seat and so he needs to think of protecting her. Rishab asks if he c an tell what he would do when Kavya keeps humiliating her like this in front of her mother, Kavya leaves replying she is really busy so would listen to him after a while, they all start rejoicing when Rishab notices Kritika is tensed so asks her what happened, she replies that she met with an incident at the market as some people were teasing her but a person came to help her, and he beat the hell out of those goons, the weird part is that she requested a lot of people for help but they did not come and he was the only one who came to support her. That person blessed her when he was leaving which is really strange as she felt as if she has a relation with him, Kritika accepts the truth is that she really misses karan bhai so Rishab tries to calm her down but she leaves crying. Rakhi also informs how she feels as if Karan is around her when she asks them all to come and have the lunch. Preeta thinks that she also feels the same thing and her feeling got stronger when pandit jee said that karan is alive but the person who was following her today is a fraud.

In the night Karan is looking at the Luthra Mansion when he sees an auto stopping so Ganesh walks out of it, he sees him talking with the guard. Karan remembers the memories he has with Ganesh but he tries to forget them, he even turns back so Ganesh doesnot see him. Karan gets a call from Aaliya who is glad that he answered her call as she has been trying to search for him but he left without saying anything, she even created a scene at the hospital and went to the police station. Aaliya reveals she even called Nidhi, he questions what was the need when she reveals that Nidhi scolded her for calling and then the inspector also scolded her. Karan replies he is coming to the hospital so Anjali also agrees to come but he replies that visiting hours have ended, she mentions he has bought the hospital when karan replies he has just given a cheque and nothing is final, he replies she is trying to divert his attention but he would do what he has planned on doing.

Preeta brings the juice when she is shocked to see that Shristhi is eating the breakfast with Kavya while Rishab jee is still on the call, she gets angry requesting Rakhi maa that she has a complain as she feels they must all eat together at the dinner table and this is not right, Rakhi asks everyone to pay attention mentioning that her daughter in law is angry so she doesnot like it, they all must eat the breakfast together at the dinner table, Kavya explains she has finished her breakfast and even Rishab says he ate it, Preeta replies but she did not have anything so things are going to change from now, they must all eat the meal at the dinner table. Rishab asks Preeta if they should leave to drop Kavya since she might get late, kavya also asks her to hurry up otherwise she would say they got late because of her, Rishab replies he would be scolded.

Rakhi prays that nothing evil should befall their family ever again, Shristhi comes hugging Rakhi assuring nothing wrong can happen to them when they have a mother-in-law like her, Rakhi replies their family got the happiness because of Kavya, she is just like Karan and she feels as if a younger karan came into this family. Shristhi also thinks that she really misses karan.