Kundali Bhagya 29th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Arjun reveals his plan to Anjali

Kundali Bhagya 29th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Mahesh asks Rakhi if she managed to talk with him, she turning replies that she indeed talked with him so Karina exclaims that she seems really happy after talking with him, Mahesh coming to them both applies the tika to Rakhi, they both ask him to not joke. Karina exclaims he knows she is emotional so goes to ask what happened, Rakhi mentions that she likes Arjun, Karina also exclaims that even she likes him. Mahesh sits on the sofa exclaiming he is going to suffer a heart attack. Karina asks if she can call the doctor when he replies that he can understand if Karina likes Arjun but what about his wife. Rakhi exclaims he jokes without any reason when Rakhi replies she meant she likes him as karan, as she feels he is just like him. Mahesh stands apologizing to her and says that he was indeed joking. Rakhi replies but she is not at all joking and is serious, Karina questions if she is actually serious or just tensed. Rakhi explains she has invited him and he insisted that she prepare the food for him by herself but she did not ask what does he like, Mahesh replies then what is the problem as she can ask him about it once again. Rakhi turns to leave but is shocked hearing the whistle, Mahesh clarifies he has not done anything when Rakhi replies she knows it as this is the pressure cooker.

Rishab is talking on the phone when Preeta passes by him, he tries to stop her but she doesnot respond at first then he says their car is parked on the other side, he says he would bring the car around.

Preeta while walking gets out of the gate and a car comes towards her, Arjun pulls her back at the last time but Preeta gets tensed, Rishab also comes running to them both calling Preeta. He thanks Arjun for saving Preeta but Arjun replies he should take care of Preeta when he knows she remains lost all the time, he needs to take care of her as she cannot do it herself and he has saved her a lot of times so what if something wrong happens to her, Arjun says he is not saying this because of any anger but just wants him to take care of her. Arjun turns to leave while Preeta asks Rishab what is going on, he assures everything would be fine. Arjun comes back to apologize but Rishab says that he is the one who must apologize as he would surely take care of his wife.
Arjun enters the house when Anjali tries to stop him, he however exclaims he needs to talk with someone but tires to leave, she asks what is going on with him as he saved Preeta so this means he is worried for her, Arjun replies it is not the truth as he would have done this if there was any other girl. Arjun explains he doesnot want to give her the pain from such an accident, she would get to know his real plan at the anniversary party tomorrow, she has made a fool out of him for so long but not anymore. He explains that she pretended to care for him so he is going to do the same just as he saved Rishab a few days ago and almost saved Preeta today, he will stab her in the back by pretending to be her friend and savior. Arjun exclaims he is going to pay back with deception, Anjali exclaims he doesnot know why she saw love in his eyes for Preeta but is now relieved that there is nothing going on in his mind. Arjun asks if she can select a dress for him.

Bi jee gets angry after the car goes over a bump, she questions why is he driving like this since she is old and cannot bear it any more, she threatens to complain to his mother on which the driver replies this is the problem from living in the same area. Bi jee explains this is why she always travels in the cars that belong to her neighbors. She warns she still has a lot of strength left in her. Bi jee gets a call from Rakhi who informs that she needs to spend the entire day with them tomorrow, Bi jee replies she is going to Delhi hearing which Rakhi is stunned. Bi jee then clarifies she was just joking and knows tomorrow is the anniversary of Preeta and Rishab. Rakhi asks her to come early as then they would have breakfast together. Bi jee says if she reads in the newspaper that an old woman has been thrown in jail for beating a taxi driver then she should save her. Rakhi tries to explain that it is because of the rains. Bi jee getting angry asks her to end the call.

Shristhi while walking wonders why does she always have to open the door after hearing the doorbell since she thought she would be like a queen after getting married into this family. Shristhi seeing Preeta wonders when did she return and what happened. Preeta replies she is fine but Shristhi questions if Arjun sir did anything wrong to her as then she would go to him with Rishab. Preeta replies he has not done anything, she feels that it is her problem as she always thinks about karan and her eyes want to only see him, she is constantly thinking about him and there is not even a single day when she is not thinking about Karan but then tomorrow is her wedding anniversary with Rishab.

Rakhi assures that there is not any problem with it, she coming explains even she is a woman so knows Preeta loved karan the most in her life so she knows it would not be so easy for her to forget him. Rakhi hugs Preeta, she exclaims she is really fortunate to have Preeta as the daughter in law. Shristhi asks what about her, Rakhi also says she feels the same for Shristhi. They all hug each other, Rakhi explains she has also invited Arjun to the anniversary party, Shristhi gets excited but then acts as if she is normal looking at Preeta.

Arjun is driving when he stops at the traffic signal when Vishnu sees him so informs Raja that Arjun is at the signal.

Preeta is sitting on the bed when Shristhi knocks explaining she doesnot feel like leaving Preeta alone as she is really tensed. Shristhi explains it all started after the Pandit jee talked about Karan being alive so what is the truth, Preeta takes the name of Arjun, Shristhi exclaims she knew it as Preeta is only thinking about him and is getting worried, she suggests Preeta should forget the things which she doesnot understand. Preeta says she doesnot know how to explain it to her and if she tries then might even sound confused. Shristhi says that she herself would not be able to understand it but knows Preeta at first doesnot like them and then after a while starts liking them just like she did with Karan. Preeta explains she is right as she did not like karan, Shristhi replies just the same as with Arjun but then she says she should not talk like this, Preeta rushes into the bathroom. Shristhi wonders what is going on with her so exclaims if she had said it in front of Preeta, she would have surely punished her.

Raja explains the only reason they have not been able to do any work is because he is constantly thinking about Arjun, he made a big mistake by not paying them the right amount, he fears if this word spreads then people would think someone over powered him. Vishnu mentions even when they did double the work, Raja slaps him questioning what was the need as he planned to murder Rishab when Arjun just asked him to scare Rishab. He sits down exclaiming tomorrow he is going to take revenge from both Arjun and Rishab. Bunty questions why are they going to harm Rishab. Raja replies because it is a matter of their Bhagya, rather Kundali Bhagya to be exact as everyone is connected.

Arjun getting into his room is really angry, he removes his coat while constantly thinking about Preeta and how he saved her today, he pours a glass of wine thinking how she stopped him that night in the party. He gets really furious.