Kundali Bhagya 30th June 2022 Written Episode Update: prithvi plans to once again hurt the luthra’s

Kundali Bhagya 30th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Dadi is looking a that the photo of karan in the news paper, Rakhi coming to her questions what happened, she informs tomorrow is the fifth death anniversary of karan soi both Rishab and Preeta are going to fulfill his dreams, she doesnot understand when Dadi informs that karan always dreamed of opening an academy for those children who cannot pay the fees, so Preeta and Rishab are going to auction off all of his cricket belongings from which they will lay the foundation of that company, since their karan was really famous then the news will spread and they will come to join the academy.

In a chawl a group of people are playing cards, Prithvi is also amongst them playing when one of them mentions today he is serious since he is going to buy a car, Prithvi starts laughing asking him to not joke as if he said he was going to buy a cycle then they could have accepted, the person shows the money explaining that only fifteen thousand are missing from it, if he wins the game then would have the money to buy a second hand car, another one of them joins them with the tea when Prithvi see the newspaper, he thinks if he can buy the bat of karan then would burn it in front of the Luthra’s. Prithvi slowly pulls the money and then acts as if he is ill, they all get tensed so he explains that he feels like he need some rest in his house.
Preeta enters the room asking Kavya to come out, she is hiding behind the curtains when Preeta asks why is she hiding as if she doesnot come out then how would they sleep, kavya mentions she doesnot feel like sleeping so Preeta replies that she has she is really smart but it is time for them to sleep, Preeta offers to tell her a story, Kavya lying down on the bed exclaims she would not like to hear any fairy tale but a true story since she is now a grown up, Preeta mentions this story is of a boy and girl, the boy was a really arrogant person but the girl was really cute, but the girl kept on falling and he was always there to save her, they both also kept fighting a lot, one time the girl gave the boy a name in anger, which was sour bittercourd while he also called her the with it, Preeta asks how does she know this story when Kavya replies she always say how smart she is so she really likes this story. Kavya hears Karina bua who is calling her and requests her to tell Karina bua that she has gone to sleep otherwise she would be scolded, Preeta thinks of karan with the way kavya is sleeping.

Mahesh enters the room, he is shocked to see Rakhi counting the money and asks what is she doing with them, and where did she get all this money, Rakhi replies that it belongs to her so Mahesh replies everything in this house belongs to her, Rakhi says she knows that everything belongs to her and that this wealth was made by the efforts of Mahesh and Rishab so it is her responsibility to take care of it all, Mahesh once again asks how did she get this money, Rakhi mentions that this is her money as she sold the jewelry that her parents gave her years ago and gathered this money, Mahesh gets paranoid questioning what was the need to sell the jewelry, Rakhi replies that she wanted to do it so had to sell it all, Mahesh asks what is the need so Rakhi asks if he remembers tomorrow is the fifth death anniversary of karan so it was his dream to open an academy for which they are auctioning off his cricket belongings but she decided to buy all those things so that the dream of karan can also be fulfilled and even she can have his belongings.

Anjali is sitting when her friend comes to sit on the sofa, Anjali questions what happened, she replies Arjun is really weird and why did he not talk with her, Anjali replies if she wants to talk with him like a sister-in-law then it is fine otherwise, she must not think about him, Sneha replies she knows that Nidhi is the fiance of Arjun but she agrees, Arjun sees that Dadi is coming with the bags but both Anjali and Sneha are busy so he offers to pick the bags, he asks Anjali if they should leave now but Dadi replies he must stay with them at their house, Arjun mentions he would be more comfortable at the hotel but Dadi says that his words and heart are in different aspects so he must not be worried, she instructs Sneha to get the guest room ready for Arjun. She leaves mentioning everything happens according to her wishes.

Arjun questions Anjali what is the matter as she cannot order him if he is respecting her as he would only do what he feels like doing.

Rishab is with the employee when he instructs the person to bring the CCTV footage from the school, manager questions why does he need it, Rishab warns him to never ask about it and inquires how much time it will take, manager says he would get it after two or three days but Rishab replies he just has one day and if he is not able to get it by that time then he himself would go. Sameer enters questioning why does Rishab need the footage; Rishab mentions that a person was following Preeta jee and reached the school. Sameer gets worried, Rishab mentions that he really misses Karan because he would have taken better care of Preeta and kavya, he is trying his best but going to the window exclaims he really misses karan. Sameer hugs Rishab, he warns Sameer to not tell anyone that he was crying because if they get to know then he would not be allowed in the office. Sameer leaves so Rishab wipes off his tears.

Arjun starts walking towards the door, Anjali comes after him explaining it is better if they live here, since he desires to take revenge from both Rishab and Preeta, she mentions he is her family so she needs to take care of him, Anjali reveals that after he starts taking revenge then they would very easily find out his identity and that he went straight to the hospital after landing in London, and how he came from the London, they would also very soon find out that he was drowning in lake from which Nidhi saved him, he replies he doesnot care if they find out. Anjali replies he must not lose his senses as he should not reveal his true face just like they did to him, karan exclaims he would give them a befitting reply as the fire in which got burnt, they would also burn the same way and he doesnot know how to get into their lives, Anjali starts smiling when he replies there is no need so she leaves.

Anjali comes mentioning he would be very proud of her after she shows him the newspaper, Karna is shocked to see that tomorrow is the fifth death anniversary of karan and they are auctioning off his cricket belongings, it is the best time to enter their lives. Karan gets really mad seeing the headlines in the newspaper.