Kundali Bhagya 4th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Rishab welcomes Arjun at the auction

Kundali Bhagya 4th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Preeta if karan was here and saw it all, he would have been really happy after seeing all the posters and banners, Preeta mentions he might have complained about them even then, insisting that the banners should have been a little big. The manager comes requesting if Rishab jee would like to announce something, he replies he would surely like to say something since this pertains to his younger brother, Rishab leaves mentioning he would like to go and check the arrangements.

Prithvi is really impressed after walking in the hotel, he exclaims that he feels he was made for this lifestyle. Prithvi get a call from Sherlin, she questions where is he as he was asked to bring the rice when prithvi questions what does she think of him as he was made for the rich lifestyle but is constantly getting poor because of her, Sherlin gets frustrated replying everything is happening because of him since he is the one who gambles and drinks, Prithvi ends the call exclaiming she deserves this poor lifestyle.

Prithvi walking exclaims he was really happy after coming to this hotel and thought of purchasing that bat from auction but that girl ruined everything after calling him, he looking at the photo of karan exclaims he doesnot know if his death was for the good or bad since he felt really nice while fighting with him. Karan enters the auction with his team and is walking towards the auction. Prithvi exclaims that his fate left his side and so turns back to bump into karan, prithvi gets frustrated exclaiming he came to the auction of karan so thought of himself as Karan. Prithvi is shocked when karan turns exclaiming nothing has changed and he has the same attitude, he is like a goat so his name should be the goat with a beard, prithvi is shocked wondering what is going on since only karan used to call him by this name. Prithvi thinks of changing his clothes otherwise everyone would take him very lightly, he seeing a coat and glasses rushes to pick them up, the waiter informs that this dress belongs to Mr Johnson when prithvi assures he would give him the clothes.

Preeta is standing in the hall when she feels as if something is not right and karan is right beside her, Karan also enters looking at Preeta when she also starts staring back at him, they both are looking at each other when she recalls how he blamed her for not being worthy of their daughter and he also thinks how he said that if fate had made them both meet then there would be a reason, he wants to find out that reason. Rishab immediately comes to shake his hand but karan is constantly staring at Preeta, Rishab calls her to come when Rishab introduces her but Arjun exclaims, she would have remembered him. Karan mentions he did not know they all would have known karan when Rishab replies he was the younger brother, karan replies he is shocked that they had the relation of blood when he thought they were just taking care of his assets, he exclaims he was a big fan of karan and then puts forward his hand to shake with Preeta, she starts thinking of all the moments spent with Karan and how they were really together, Rishab asks her if she is fine. Preeta questions what is he doing here when karan exclaims he said that they have a relation and it is because of fate as he feels he had a relation with them in his past life, hearing this Preeta gets stunned so she leaves. Rishab calls her as Preeta jee hearing which Karan is impressed when Rishab replies he always takes her name with respect.

Rishab calls Sameer to come informing him that his name is Arjun and he was the one who saved the life of Kavya, Sameer in excitement hugs Karan, he starts recalling all of the past memories with him. Rishab leaves advising Sameer to take care of him. Sameer takes Arjun along with his team to one of the tables where he starts talking with them.

Prithvi enters the auction hall where Rishab and Preeta are discussing the things together, Prithvi thinks that Rishab Luthra is here and he seeing Preeta exclaims he did not get the same feeling so this means his heart has accepted that she doesnot love him. Prithvi also looks at Sameer thinking this means he has been promoted to a higher post, Sameer looks at Prithvi so going there asks him to come as the auction is about to start.

Rishab takes his position at the stand and then Sameer also sits down when Rishab mentions that his brother karan is not with them and his love for cricket meant he also decided to open an academy that would enable the poor children to follow their dreams, Rishab exclaims that he feels this bat should go to a person who truly loves cricket, Karan thinks all of this is just a drama for the show.

The auction starts when they start bidding, Prithvi tries to bid and raises his bid to two and a half lacs when Prithvi thinks he would surely get the belongings since he is the highest bidder but Karan bids around three crores for the belongings. Prithvi immediately asks what is he doing requesting if he can loan him a little amount as he wants the bat, Karan turning questions what will he do with the bat, so Prithvi replies he will surely take it to the Luthra’s and then burn the bat in front of their eyes which will hurt their feelings a lot. Karan immediately after standing reveals this man wants to burn the bat of karan. Rishab very quickly asks the security to take the man outside. The guests stand with tension which worries Rishab who requests them all to take their seats, Arjun wins the bid and so is called on the stage. Rishab starts handing him the ball and gloves, Preeta after seeing the bat starts remembering the feelings which she had for karan and how they would play in their room, she is really tensed.