Kundali Bhagya 5th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Arjun invites the Luthra’s to his party

Kundali Bhagya 5th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Rishab taking the bat hands it to Arjun, he also gladly takes it holding it up in his arms, Arjun mentions Rishab said this bat should go to a rightful owner so he is the person, the reporter asks if he doesnot think he has given a big amount for this bat, Arjun explains that he loves cricket a lot and the Karan comes on his twelfth number, he turning to the reporters questions explains that the things that have a meaning should not be considered with money, they only have a feeling so he knows that the bat of karan has a story behind it, Arjun informs that tomorrow he is going to throw a party tomorrow where he will showcase all the collection that he has, Arjun explains that tomorrow they also have to come with their entire family, Preeta doesnot know since she has to play with kavya and even help her do the homework, Arjun replies she must stop playing, Rishab turns to him in anger when Arjun requests her to stop for just one day since he even saved the life of Kavya, Preeta agrees when Arjun leaves mentioning now since such important people are going to be part of his party so he would have to show their truth, Preeta exclaims she is really strongly feeling he is with her, she wishes of holding his hand to protect herself but doesnot know why she is feeling there is a problem which she is still not aware off.

Sherlin is working when Prithvi enters after drinking, she tries to hit him with a knife explaining he has gotten mad since he thought of burning the bat in front of the Luthra’s, prithvi manages to over power her when Sherlin immediately explains she loves him so why would she even think of killing him but Prithvi doesnot believe her saying she would kill him with the knife, Sherlin after that once again rushes to pick the knife so Prithvi making her sit on the sofa apologizes to her for the last time, Sherlin warns to not leave him if he does this ever again, he says this is what he likes of her. She asks if they should have some fun when Prithvi questions what is she doing here when he asked her to leave the house. Sherlin asks where can she go since in the past five years her mother has not allowed her to enter the house a single time, Sherlin informs that the police did come to arrest him but she said that he is missing, hearing which the police inspector said that he has come to arrest Prithvi but she said that he is missing after which both his friend and the inspector got tensed, they accepted her story and left. Sherlin asks what did he do in the auction. Prithvi recalls how he was thrown out of the auction.

Rishab and Preeta are with the entire family when Kritika is not able to realize the amount at which they sold the belongings, Rakhi replies she did not even have that amount to purchase the things but Rishab mentions they donot know the person and how he is, Preeta exclaims he is a really arrogant and selfish person. Rishab agrees with her but he says that he did not tell them a truth, Rishab mentions that Kavya managed to reach the middle of the road when they went to the market and by the time they were able to reach kavya, Arjun came and picked her up in his arms but then Preeta explains when they went to take Kavya from him, he replied they are not worthy to be called parents so asks how can anyone say it, Rishab accepts they also made a mistake but says even then Kavya is really fine, as Arjun took her to the clinic since his car was stuck in the market.

Rishab reveals Arjun has also organized the party and they are invited, Dadi agrees saying this is a really nice thing as he even saved Kavya so they must go there, Sameer also agrees mentioning Arjun bid such a large amount and honored Karan so they must go his party as it would be a lot of fun.

Anjali is in the house wondering where is Arjun as he did not take her to the auction, Arjun entering reveals everything would be fine mentioning that he won the bid and has even arranged a party tomorrow, he informs that he has the collections of eleven players and now has also added the kit of Karan Luthra. Anjali sitting exclaims he wants to spend time with his family, Arjun replies he has not met them in the past five years, Anjali questions what does he want to accomplish from it so he replies tomorrow he is going to make the remember the night when they both tried to kill him as it is the most painful night of his life.

Preeta entering the room is thinking about karan and her past life in which she was really happy, the door suddenly closes which scares Preeta and even karan is stunned, they both are shocked when karan walks to the chair. He thinks how Preeta looked at him in the auction. Karan picks up a remote from the floor meanwhile Preeta walks to the window of the room, thinking how she expressed that karan would always take her hand when she is in trouble. Karan is looking at the photos of Preeta in his room with frustration.

Preeta is stunned as Shristhi calls her, she rushes to hug Shristhi who asks what happened but Preeta doesnot let go of her, Preeta replies she doesnot know and cannot understand anything, she is feeling as if she would go mental, ever since the Pandit jee came she actually feels as if Karan is around her and she can only think of him, so when she is not able to think about him then her heart forces her to think of only him, she requests Shristhi to save him since she would otherwise lose her mind.

Karan sitting in the chair thinks Preeta would very soon meet someone who is actually like her, as his heart would be filled with the desire to take revenge and it is actually him The Arjun Sooryavanshi.

Shristhi sitting with Preeta requests her to calm herself since she should let go of the memories from her past and even Arjun picking the glass exclaims that he would not let her forget karan and the things that she did to him. Shristhi mentions she must calm down as they would go out when she exclaims they have to go to the party but Preeta replies she doesnot feel like going there, Shristhi in shock asks the reason to which Preeta reveals she doesnot feel right when he is in front of her, Shristhi doesnot understand anything so Preeta reveals how she thinks that he is what he claims to be and always hides the truth about him, Shristhi stops Preeta and hugs her so she can calm down.