Kundali Bhagya 6th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Arjun plans a surprise for the Luthra’s in the party

Kundali Bhagya 6th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Shristhi hugging Preeta mentions she knows that since it is the fifth death anniversary of karan, she is only thinking about him and is not able to think of anything else, she asks Preeta to come and take some sleep as then she would feel really nice in the morning.

Karan in the room exclaims that tomorrow would be the worst day of her life, he is going to make tomorrow night really miserable for them, he exclaims that Arjun has never backed out from any of his promise so he is going to surely make them pay, they both donot even have the slightest idea what secret he is going to reveal in the party.

Preeta is not able to sleep lying down in the bed, she cannot think of anyone else other then him while karan also standing at the window exclaims how she used to say she doesnot want to spend time with him on the cost of his practice, while Preeta also lying down on the bed is recalling when karan would leave for the practice. Karan thinks the first meeting he had with Preeta and he gave her money, Karan thinks that it was the best way he treated her since she went with Rishab because of his money as she knew that his cricket career was about to end so she needed money so left with karan but Bhagwan is the best planner as he sends the one she tried to kill, he is also now a successful businessman. Preeta lying down wishes for Karan to come back, she starts crying restlessly while karan also standing in front of her photo is crying.

Sameer is talking with someone on the call, he requests her to not crack such jokes because if his wife finds out then would surely kill him, he doesnot know that Shristhi is standing behind him and trying to find out who he is talking with, Sameer agrees to send her a photo and takes his selfie when he realizes she is standing behind him, Sameer immediately starts praising her for her cuteness exclaiming he is getting a call, Sameer informs they are going to the party tonight so he will come home by seven, he leaves advising her to get ready and also arrange his clothes. Shristhi in anger exclaims that he has gotten way out of hands so she would surely mend his ways in the party.

Arjun walks down to see the arrangements and questions why is the curtain not red and he told them that he wants it red, Anjali coming asks what happened, he replies nothing has happened but would happen tonight, he wants to reveal something big and needs to have a red feel on the stage. Anjali agrees when he leaves, she thinks that just as the night is approaching, she is getting even more tensed as she feels that he is still not able to forget that night so she wonders what he is planning, Anjali is really worried about both Rishab and Preeta.
Preeta in the house opens her wardrobe when she takes out the sarree and thinks when karan exclaimed he brought this sarre for her, as she would look killer in this dress when Preeta asked if he feels she doesnot look nice in any other color, Karan mentioned she looks good in all the colors but he wants to give his life for her so she needs to wear this, Preeta hugging him with a smile agrees, she thinks that she doesnot feel like getting ready ever since he left her when Rishab comes asking what is she doing so asks if she would change the clothes, Preeta tries to reply that she doesnot feel like changing when Rishab asks what has happened which worries Preeta so she leaves to get ready, which worries Rishab who thinks why does he feel she is worried.

Karan walking to the wardrobe takes out the coat when he recalls when he was about to go for a party and Preeta stopped him explaining that she doesnot like him in such jazzy clothes, she took out the coat revealing he looks really nice in the simple clothes but he throws them on the floor exclaiming this was the choice of Preeta for him but he would no longer wear such clothes, he throws it on the floor. Anjali coming to the room asks what happened since he asked her to call the aunti when he revealed that she must also send a car for her if she does not come on time. Karan explains he also wondered why his choice was so odd but has now realized that it is how he is and tonight he is going to reveal the true identity.

Sherlin enters the room where Prithvi is sitting. She questions what happened in the auction when he informs that she was right as he went to the auction to buy that bat, he exclaims it would not have been worth more than a few lacs but that Arjun bought it for more then thirty million. Prithvi decides to go and give the money back, Sherlin stops him questioning what is he doing since they should not return the money, Prithvi blames that she was advising him to not steal but is now saying they should not return it, Sherlin snatches a money from him mentioning it is her fees, he questions what is she going to do with it when she informs, she will buy groceries for him. Prithvi thinks she would buy her makeup from it but where is she going to go with such makeup.

Shristhi walks down the stairs where Kritika greets her, she exclaims they both are the first ones to get ready. Kritika replies why is she shocked as they would have to make her understand, Kritika reveals everyone has to work in this house so they get ready after completing their work, she would not understand since she doesnot do any work, Shristhi then taunts her saying even Kritika is a free loader, she sees Sameer who turns to leave but Shristhi stops him explaining that he must talk some sense into Kritika since she doesnot respect her and keeps on calling her Shristhi.

Dadi coming mentions she likes the drama a lot and Karina requests them to let her stay out of this drama, Karina questions why is Kritika lying blaming Shristhi for being the one who talks nonsense, Kritika asks Sameer who is Rena. Shristhi keeps on questioning him. When Rishab and Preeta also walk down the stairs and Mahesh exclaims they are also looking really good. The entire Luthra family leaves when Preeta sees the Malla on the photo of karan, just as she walks out of the house the Malla falls from the portrait.

Anjali is with the media personal who are questioning if Arjun is an Indian and why did they not know about him, she replies he is an Indian who has finally come back to live with his own people. Anjali’s cousin Snedha questions if she can pass her message that she admires Arjun and feels he is really charming, she takes her cousin away when Snedha questions if Anjali also likes Arjun and is she not jealous that he is with her sister but Anjali assures she is really happy. Snedha asks what is the matter with Arjun as ever since he came he is always quiet and she feels he has some purpose, Anjali thinks of how he revealed that his own wife and elder brother tried to murder him, she thinks he actually has a purpose which is to destroy Preeta and Rishab.