Kundali Bhagya 7th July 2022 Written Episode Update: The Luthra’s arrive at the Party

Kundali Bhagya 7th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Rishab and Preeta reach the location but she is still lost after getting out, he asks what happened when she asks that the entire family left the house with them but they have not been able to reach now, he informs they got late since they are coming in their own cars, so they can wait for them all to arrive. Rishab leaves to welcome them when Preeta notices someone staring at her from the window, she is tensed when Rishab comes asking if they can leave however, she is still looking at the window when the person slowly walks away.

Anjali entering the room informs Preeta has arrived, he replies he knows advising her to be ready for tonight as even if tomorrow the sun shines still the mark of this night would not be left from them, she must wait for it so Anjali rushes away when he calls someone advising them to arrive by nine thirty.

The Luthra’s reach the venue when they all enter but Preeta is really tensed and is still walking while the rest of them are really happy but the light suddenly go off so they wonder if it is because of a faulty fuse however Anjali comes on the stage with the dance performance, seeing which everyone starts enjoying but Preeta suddenly notices Arjun walking down the stairs, she feels as if he is Karan and even informs Rishab but Arjun walks over with Anjali to Preeta, she is constantly staring at him and even he is looking back to her, she remembers how she would look to karan so feels uncomfortable and even gets tears in her eyes. Anjali ends her performance with the clapping from the guests.

The reporters ask Rakhi if today they would also display the kit of Karan, she replies this is why they have come when he mentions if karan was alive then he would have been the chief guest of this party, they even ask Mahesh how he is feeling, he says he is really glad but misses karan a lot.

Arjun says he is glad Preeta came to the party hearing which she is tensed when he explains this is because he never thought she would come to the party, Rishab replies he is mistaken since when Preeta jee makes a promise then she fulfills it, he asks if his Preeta jee doesnot speak herself, the reporters then come to Arjun explaining that over the course five years he has been able to collect a very tremendous cricket collection, Arjun explains he is The Karan Luthra’s biggest fan so they all must wait for 9 3o when a big secret would be revealed, hearing this Preeta is not able to bear it and so leaves crying.

Rakhi is standing in the door when Arjun comes to see him from behind, he recalls when she was performing the pooja with the entire family and it was time for his arrival so she would be standing at the door, Preeta asked why did she leave, he informed because karan is about to arrive so she left for him as a mother knows when her son is about to arrive. Rakhi is waiting for karan and when he arrives, she starts performing his arti, so he hugs Rakhi. Dadi says he told her about his arrival but Rakhi replied her heart told her that karan is about to arrive and she can feel him, Preeta asked him if he was coming tomorrow. So Karan revealed he really likes surprises and the smile on his mother’s face.

Rakhi exclaims even today she is feeling as if her karan is about to arrive and so she rushes into the party calling the name of karan, he also opens his arms but she walks away from him to the other side towards the door waiting for her son, Karan thinks her son has returned and is standing in front of him, Rakhi starts crying and turns away depressed, he also wipes of tears from his face. Karan recalls how they were like a happy family and always stayed together. Karan slowly walks to her recalling when he would try to blackmail her saying she doesnot take care of her son. Rakhi feeling as if someone is standing behind her turns to see Arjun so asks what happened as he has tears in his eyes, he slowly takes out a mobile but then drops it, he kneeling takes blessings of Rakhi and she also places her hand over his head blessing him, Rakhi feels as if he is her karan so even places her hand on his face asking what did he think that she would not understand as only a mother can understand something is wrong, Mahesh asks what happened so she says that Arjun was taking her blessings but did not think it is nice and then so dropped the mobile. She mentions she gave the blessings with full heart seeing which Mahesh is smiling and then thanks arjun who exclaims he also wants to take the blessings from him so even Mahesh gives him the blessings. Karan is not able to bear it so takes an excuse, thinking that Preeta has snatched everything from him so he is also going to take everything from her.

Kritika coming from behind exclaims she did not think they would get to meet so early, she asks how is he when Kritika assures she is fine, he hands her a card mentioning she can always call him for any help, he requests her to not share his number with anyone so she said that he has already shared it with her, Kritika thanks him once again for all the help when he replies she is his sister so must not be so formal. Dadi coming questioning what are they talking about, Kritika explains that he is the same person who helped her in the market, Dadi exclaims Kritika told her and they said she has some relation with him, he unintentionally reveals they have relation but then mentions that it might be from their past life. He asks why is Dadi is so tensed so she reveals she is remembering her late Grandson, karan as not a single day has passed when she did not cry thinking about him. Arjun hugs Dadi exclaiming that he is now going to reveal the bat of karan who was his strength and also weakness. Kritika wishes him all the best so he leaves.

Preeta walks to the corner and Rishab is following her but he manages to reach her questioning what has happened, she replies she can no longer stay in this party and wants to go back home, Arjun from behind reveals she cannot leave just now, Preeta mentions she is really tired so he replies that he knows which is why he has brought the juice for her, Rishab tries to take it when he refuses mentioning it is for Preeta, she gets tensed so he exclaims she would only drink it from her husband, Rishab takes it but Preeta refuses to drink it at all. Arjun replies even then she cannot leave the party as the exhibition is about to start so she must see his collection, it is really important for him that she stays in the party, Preeta looks at him in disbelief.