Kundali Bhagya 8th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Arjun blames Rishab for killing his foes

Kundali Bhagya 8th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Karan exclaims it is really important for him that she stays in this party as it is important for him, he asks Rishab to request Preeta since he is not good at it, Arjun exclaims how can she leave the party of karan then clarifies that he is going to exhibit the collection of Karan, Arjun then leaves when Rishab exclaims that she can go if she is uncomfortable when he is worried seeing her.

Arjun takes the stage mentioning he is really glad to see them all together in his party, he cannot reveal what he is feeling in his heart, Anjali places her hand on his shoulder so he takes a pause apologizing, he asks them all to meet Anjali Ahuja since she is his, when she exclaims, she is his PA as she takes care of everything that he needs, he exclaims he will not bore them now as they are here to see his prized collection and at least achievement. Arjun presses the button which reveals the entire collection that he has of the bats, they all start clapping for him so Dadi also starts weeping seeing the kit of karan when he exclaims that the bat in the center belong to The Karan Luthra. The reporters ask why did he keep this as red, he replies this color makes them remember the color of blood so he thinks of the night when he fell in the dam, he reveals this red color has a meaning and it is showing the color of Karan’s blood, the entire Luthra family is stunned.

The reporter questions what is he saying when Arjun asks what did he say that is not understandable, Arjun then asks Rishab for his advice who replies he doesnot want it but then they cannot restrict his thoughts, Arjun exclaims he said it without saying, this is what makes him special and he can speak the truth in front of everyone but they are not even able to understand it, Shristhi is shocked. Arjun exclaims they have a very important information regarding the murder of karan, which is that his death caused the belongings of his cricket kit to reach the heights, he apologizes for the Luthra’s but when he heard about the death of karan then was also eager to meet him, he apologizes to his Dadi and says to all the reporters that they must learn to speak the truth from him as they when it is time to correct the injury then they must not ruin it, but sometimes they reveal some deep secrets of how they got the injuries.

Arjun stops anyone from leaving mentioning as he said 9:30 is the time when a big secret would be revealed, the entire Luthra family is shocked hearing him say when Arjun asks Rishab to not leave him now, clarifying he meant to not leave the party he assures they can all ask him any question why they desire. Arjun steps down the stage as Preeta long with all the guests are looking at him, Preeta and Shristhi both turn back, when she notices that Preeta is worried.

Preeta is standing and gets shocked as Shristhi places her hand, Shristhi asks what happened and just then Arjun asks her to drink some water, Preeta placing it on the table refuses to take it when he asks what is wrong since he behaved nice with her, she questions why did he wear the clothes as Karan, Arjun replies he always wears such clothes and thinks that Karan is copying her, Shristhi requests Preeta to calm down since he is just teasing her like her karan sir and even kavya, Preeta asks her to not call him sir when Arjun thinks how she would also call him as sir but replies she can call him Arjun., he asks what does Preeta do besides showing attitude when Shristhi informs she is a doctor, he teases Preeta but leaves exclaiming that Shristhi is the clever sister, she is glad he complimented her and feels he likes her, Preeta gets really angry when she notices it and so leaves Preeta.

Rishab is with the other guests when they ask how did he come to this party since he doesnot seem like it, Rishab replies they have to do some things which even they do not like, Arjun coming back asks them to not believe he is a nice guy just by his behavior, advising them to not look more closely only then would they know the real Rishab Luthra, the guests leave after getting a call. Rishab questions what wrong has he done to Arjun as he never misbehaves with anyone and only focuses on his business, he completes his work with full attention. Arjun adds after that the person also ends, Rishab questions what did he mean by this statement. Arjun adds if he by accident kept any grudge then kills the person so Rishab asks what is he saying when he replies that he kills everyone by his sweet talks. Arjun shakes his hand to be friends once again, Arjun is shocked seeing the watch on his hand, Arjun recalls when he gifted the watch to Rishab mentioning he has gotten fed up seeing the old watch, Rishab asked him to not do it since this is really expensive but karan replied even he is expensive as he just won a tournament. Karan gets emotional so Rishab asks if he can leave his hand as they have shaken it long enough to become friends, Rishab replies he was looking at his watch and karan gifted him the watch when he came from the tournament, Rishab at once drops it but then Arjun catches it, Rishab informs he always keeps the watch by himself throughout the day, Rishab says it is still not broken but everything gifted by karan is memorable and feels like home. Arjun makes it fall when Rishab replies that he did a right thing by saving him and even if his bad time starts then it doesnot mean anything, Arjun questions why did he say it so Rishab replies he felt like it so said it. Rishab walks away when Arjun standing from behind exclaims, they both took his life and he thought that Rishab loves him the most but even today made him feel like it but he is not karan and Arjun and he feels really hurt hearing such words who also hurts others, he must just wait and watch as the pain he suffered would be suffered by everyone.

Sameer is looking at Anjali but Shristhi gets really jealous so goes to her questioning what is she doing as this is his nature but what happened to her, Anjali asks her to relax as he is not her type, she replies even Preeta di used to say like this when Sameer replies even Karan used to say it for Preeta, Anjali informs she said it since he is married and she doesnot go after married people.

Arjun sees Preeta standing in th corner and tries his best to go after her but is stopped by the guests, he wonders where did she go so tries his best to search for her but is once again stopped by the guests. Rishab sees Preeta drinking the juice so goes to her, she also walks towards him when she stumbles but Arjun manages to catch her, he recalls his first meeting with Preeta and how he would catch her, she has closed her eyes thanking Rishab when he replies he is not Rishab but karan, she is stunned.