Meet 1st August 2022 Written Episode Update: Meet try to tell truth to Meet Ahlawat

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Meet Ahlawat ask people to go and do the decoration of outside. Manjari walks to Meet Ahlawat, she stumble and fall but he save her and both of them get inside a falling curtains with flower petals. Meet Ahlawat thinks this is the chance to get romantic with Manjari so that Meet feel jelous. He play with her hair and get’s close to her. Manjari says I need to talk something to you. Meet Ahlawat say’s a poem for her. Manjari says very funny, I need to talk something important to you. Meet Ahlawat says fine tell me. Manjari says Isha is getting engaged. Ragini walks to Manjari says I have some work for you, Isha is confused ehat should she wear, she grab her hand and take away. Meet Ahlawat says go and help Isha she need you.

Ragini take her in her room says I beg you don’t go out of this room tell Isha get’s engaged, I can lock you in room but I won’t do because I believe you won’t do anything wrong and if you consider Isha as your younger sister please don’t do anything and I don’t want to do anything like Ram said you last night, what’s wrong and right I don’t know I just know my daughter should get engaged today so please don’t go anywhere and Ragini leave. Meet says you are right Chachiji I won’t do anything wrong.

Kunal with Popat outside adoption center. Kunal says don’t worry we will go somewhere else for adoption but for now let’s rest I’m tiered. Popat ask is there any other way, you look smart and I think only you can do my job. Kunal says you are right I’m smart, I have a plan to get baby. Popat says tell me fast. Kunal says I have a baby and she gets a call from Manushi. Kunal throws tantrums. Manushi says stop it and tell me did you get baby. Kunal says no. Manushi scolds her and disconnect phone. Popat say to her I heard your conversation and I didn’t feel good the way she was talking to you this is not good, these wife’s should know how to respect.

Raj ask Meet Ahlawat where are you going. He says I’m going to see decoration of main gate because guest will she main gate first. Raj says go. Meet disguised asbone of the decorator thinks sorry Ragini but I have to tell whatever is happening I don’t want anything wrong should happen to Isha. Meet remembers giving money to a lady and asking for her help to get her dress. Meet walk downstairs with flower’s bucket she walk towards Meet Ahlawat. Ragini from behind stop her and says that side look empty can you please put more flowers there and walk away. Meet walk out of mansion and see Meet Ahlawat, she walk to him and says I came her to talk to you don’t let anyone know I’m Manjari, she tell him Barfi is greedy lady and want to have your families godess Lakshmi’s idol in dowry and Ram and Ragini is going to give her tonight even they ask me to be quite and ask him to do something, she says are you listening to me. Someone remove cloth from her. Manjari in shock after seeing. Manushi says after listening to everything I come to fact that only my sister Meet can have so much care of Ahlawat’s family so tell me who are you? Manjari says what are you talking even Meet Ahlawat says I’m Meet not Manjari you both are in same team, I’m Manjari your fan. Manushi says then stay away from there matter why are you getting involved your main target is to be daughter in law of this house and tell me one thing why do you want to say only to Meet Ahlawat do you have any answer for that. Manjari says yes I want to be in his good books. Manushi ask how, so that Meet Ahlawat will tell everything to Raj and after that Ram, Ragini will tell Raj that you are not Meet you are Manjari, if this happen then our deal cancel and you won’t get baby for your Popat Bua too do you even realise what all you will loose if you stop this engagement. Manjari says I never thought that thanks for making me realise. Manushi says let me tell you one thing baby was arrenged without any formalities but you were ruining everything. Manjari ask who’s baby it was from where did you get. Manushi says enough is enough and now you won’t be getting a baby because now I’m going to cancel our deal. Manjari apologies to her and says atleast think about Popat she even decided name of baby too, you are right my face look like your sister but I’m totally dumb and why should I think about Ahlawat’s I should think of getting married and get money from them, she try to convince her. Manushi says okay I’ll think about it, thankgod Masum invited me for party now I’ll keep an eye on you and things go good I’ll continue the deal and if you try to play smart then forget about everything is that clear. Meet thinks now what I’ll do.

Barfi and Deep enter the Ahlawat’s mansion. Ram and Ragin greet them. Meet Ahlawat thanks Deep from bringing the happiness back to there family. Babita introduce Raj to Barfi. Raj greet her. Barfi greet her back. Raj says I wanted to meet you because you said yes for kids to het married and ask her about her guest. Barfi says they will be here, they will come in 5 star resort for marriage. Raj says okay but it would be great if they join us in engagement too and ask Babita where is Meet. Babita says Meet and Sunaina are with Isha, they will be here soon. Barfi ask Ragini did you ask Manjari to be quite. Ragini says don’t worry. Meet Ahlawat says to Masum I ask you to keep Manushi away from our family. Masum says I know but she insisted that she want to attend Ahlawat’s big fat function plus I have invested lot of money on her. Meet Ahlawat says you shouldn’t have invited her. Sunaina, Isha and Manjari walk downstairs. Meet thinks if I didn’t tell anything to Meet Ahlawat then I won’t be able to do anything. Barfi says to Ragini just watch nothing should go wrong because of rented wife. Isha walk to Barfi. Barfi complement her. Deep ask Isha are you ready. Isha says I was excited whole night that I didn’t slept only. Babita says let’s start the function. Barfi says before that I want to know is my Lakshmi ready. Babita says yes ofcourse it’s ready. Ragini whispers to Barfi yes it’s ready. Barfi says so let’s start the ritual. Meet thinks everything going on is not right but what can I do, I cannot stay quiet.

Barfi says today’s day is good so why don’t let them get married today itself.
Barfi says to Manjari you try to be smart now see how I’ll ruin Ahlawat’s, I’ll take there wealth and you won’t be able to do anything.
Barfi in Ram and Ragini’s room with Lakshmi idol. Manjari walks in room says don’t try to think of taking this idol with you because I’m going to tell everyone.