Meet 1st July 2022 Written Episode Update: Manushi see’s Meet’s shadow

Meet 1st July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Hoshiyar and Meet Ahlawat in market. Hoshiyar says I know a place where we can have tea come let’s go. Duggu calls Hoshiyar and says where are you, I miss you. Hoshiyar says I miss you two and I’m at work my son. Duggu says if you can’t come home soon then I’ll come to you, tell me where are you. Hoshiyar says I’ll come don’t worry, I’m near matka chawk. Duggu says my two friends live there so you might be near pink house correct. Hoshiyar says no they are brown and let me go now I’m in a bit hurry willl come to meet you soon. Duggu says okay. Ram Lakhan and Babita get’s excited. Ram says now we can see how does she looks, I’m so excited let’s leave. Babita says not now we will look for a good time and leave because Meet Ahlawat will be there.

Manushi dancing. Kunal making her video. Anubha walk in both if them stop there work, Manushi give her water and says why do you hard work so much you are a mother of super star, I earn so much to support you and Dadi, trust me it’s not a big deal for me. Anubha says I don’t want your help. Manushi taunts her says you use to take Meet’s money. Anubha taunts her back and says you cannot be my Meet because she never said to stand infront of anyone to beg money don’t worry about me I can handle myself and dadi. Kunal says to Manushi your video crossed 4 million views you are a super star don’t you think super star Miss Mishi should leave this area shif into a luxury house. Manushi slaps him and says didn’t you listen mom, I cannot be Meet, I have to take her place in mom’s heart and prove her that I’m better then her, what I’ll do of you Meet not present here but still troubling me.

Hoshiyar brings tea. Meet Ahlawat hold the cup and stare at it, he remembers Meet and throw the cup, says I have this tapri tea, she is the same girl. Hoshiyar says I brought tea for you and you are still stuck there. Meet Ahlawat says don’t why this time she came with disguise, she told her story very well that your spy also got trapped. Hoshiyar says sometime when someone close person leave us it doesn’t mean he went in anger or to take revenge from us, there could be a reason behind, I also left Masum but there was a reason, it was my self respect I did not wanted to live under her shadow anymore after that I left same way in you case also there could be a reason if you get time please think of it. Hoshiyar get’s call from he says I’ll meet you later I have something important and he leaves. Meet Ahlawat calls Anubha.
Manushi see her phone and says why is he calling mom, she picks up. Meet Ahlawat says I need to talk something important about your daughter can you please come to matka chawk. Manushi says to herself what does he want to talk about Meet, she died in fire one year back and thinks I have to find out.

Meet waiting for Anubha to come he see Manushi coming out of cab. Manushi walks towards him. He ask what are you doing here. Manushi says looks like you are waiting for mom, she send me here because she is busy, so tell me what were yoi going to tell me about my sister. Meet Ahlawat thinks I won’t tell her about Manjari. Manushi says tell me what you know about my sister. Meet Ahlawat see Manjari walking towards them. Manushi ask her loudly what do you know about my sister. Meet Ahlawat shouts no need to interfere in my work, now get lost. Manjira says to herself he is the same guy I think it’s his habit to fight with people, I have to go from here because this is the path. Meet Ahlawat see her coming towards him, she grab her and hide behind car and keep his hand on her mouth. Manushi turn around to see nothing. Meet Ahlawat see Manushi walking away. Manjari remove his hand, cry about her bangle and ask him why did you hold my hand, now I’ll shout and call everyone,she begins shouts. Meet Ahlawat put his hand again on her mouth and scare her. Manjari cry for her bangle and ask what is your problem whay are you following me so much, you wasted my 150rs now you will give me and pay for my damages. Meet Ahlawat shouts shutup no more words I was hiding you from Manushi. Manjari says Manushi who is she and she remembers that Miss Mishi internet star, I follow her channel and praises her channel then ask how does she know me.

Ram, Lakhan, Duggu and Babita outside. Duggu show his hand made card for Meet. Ram Lakhan and Babita praises him. Babita says sit in car fast. Babita says to herself I should Meet Ahlawat or else he will get more angry on me. Babita calls him. Meet Ahlawat see his phone and disconnects the call. Manjari says to Meet Ahlawat a person should bow dowyhis head in front of three mother’s, one goddess, two bharat maa and thrid there own maa, first I think what kind of person he is do not respect any women and now you disrespected your mom too and ask him to leave, she start walking. Meet Ahlawat rush to him and hold his hand. She shouts people come to help her.

Manushi walk out of house says why there is so much smoke, she see Meet coming towards her, she gets scared and fall down.

Manjari saying thabks to a person for allowing her to stick poster for her class. Man hurt himself while doing his work. Manjari says you should go and see a doctor I’ll look after your shop. Man walk away. Manjari spraying water on plants. Meet Ahlawat looking for her. Manjari hide from him. He see her in rear view mirror, walks to her and ask her about the rates of flowers. Manjari says now he is here as a customer and now I have to assist him. She ask him what do you wany. Meet Ahlawat ask her to mix some flowers. Manjari sitting down says to herself now I have to standup, she get up and make bouquet for him. Meet Ahlawat take it and start walking. Manjari says where are you going give me money. Meet Ahlawat throws it. Manjari says oh god what you did now give me 1200rs for total damage. Meet Ahlawat says I never buy bought it. Manjari says this is not my shop and the guy is poor. Meet Ahlawat start walking and thinks according to her habits she will rush towards my pocket to get my money, Meet Ahlawat hold a hand near his pocket and thinks I was right you are Meet.